Butterflies in Time – Chapter 9 Final

A year passed with a constant struggle between Emma’s state of mind and David’s obsession with his religious master. There were days that moved by beautifully and there were days that were a complete nightmare. Emma wanted to remove her veil, she started to rebel over all the religious things that David forced upon her on, there came a point where she didn’t want to pray anymore and their fights would arouse from that. She was in and out of states of minds at times she loved her life with David and the kids, at other times she wanted to do nothing but walk out of the house in a pair of jeans and a top, go dancing and just be wild. Sandra and Rosie would come back for visits which caused more up roar in the family, Emma would long to do what they would be doing and David was constantly fighting a battle in his diplomatic ways with his sisters asking them not to speak of the life they lead to Emma. The strangest thing that David discovered in time was that Emma was wildly affected by the books she read, the movies she watched or the presence of his sisters. He didn’t want to isolate her from all those things that she loved so much, yet he had a family to think of and kids that loved having their mom around. He let her be yet forced her to at least maintain her prayers and the few mantras that his religious Master had given him to do.

One fateful day, as David was entering his house he hears Emma giggling in between her soft words to someone, he stands still and walks closer to his bedroom and finds her on the phone. She looks up from her daze of giggles and finds David staring at her in utter shock, she immediately shuts the phone and throws it on the bed. He walks towards her holding in all his anger as best he could as he said “ who….were…you….on….the…phone….with?” his eyes glaring at her, the look of death on his face. “It was my mom” she says with a smile on her face as she walks towards to bathroom. He then yells out really loud “Look at me when I am talking to you EMMA……WHO…WERE…YOU…WITH…ON…THE PHONE…NOWWWW?” Emma stops in her tracks, her back towards David and her instinct to run and grab her phone was pulling her to turn around and jump on the bed where the phone lie there still breathing out the truth. David understood what she was about to do as he bend down on top of the bed and grabbed hold of the phone, scrolling down the caller menu to see who she was talking to. The number was an unknown number, not registered under any name. Without a hesitation he pressed the dial key as he held the phone close to his ear in anticipation of who might pick it up.

“Emma…baby…are you ok…you just disappeared and I thought your husband walked in on you.” Said a deep male voice on the other end of the phone. Emma was frozen in time, her face was sweating yet her eyes stayed indifferent to what had just occurred. She was contemplating her next lie, her new found secret was being opened to the world and she needed to protect herself. She didn’t want to loose her husband again or the children, she just wanted to feel free, she wanted both worlds and was in a horrible place in her mind.

David slammed the phone shut, his calm vengeful look crept upon his face and the coldest voice came into his words “ Who the Hell is the person you were talking to Emma? Who is this guy on the other line?” she just stared at him. “Talk now Emma, you better tell me the truth…NOWWWWW” David went from utter calm to a madness deep within him, his eyes were enraged as his blood rushed up to his head. “ That is my mothers cousin David, it is not a big deal…why are you so mad?” she tried to explain with cool and calm to make David feel like there was nothing for him to get mad at.

Calmly David walked towards her saying with each step “so….i am to understand….that your mothers cousin calls you baby?” he stops just as he gets close enough to touch her “hmmmmm….how interesting…..and your mothers cousin has an understanding that the minute your husband walks in the house you will shut the phone on his face?” he then gets even closer towards her as there is only two inches between them. Emma steps back as she answers “uhhh…no…I mean…yes….what is wrong…what I cant talk to my mothers cousin…also this I am not allowed to do?” a defiance in her voice, she was not gonna give in to this, she wanted her family more than anything and she would lie all the way if that was what was needed. David turns around, phone in hand and leaves Emma there standing breathless with anticipation. She takes a deep breath in and starts to head to the bathroom to she all her tears that she had bottled in.

As she walks out of the bathroom five minutes later, she sees David walking towards her in complete madness, the speed of his steps are faster than her reaction to run. He walks straight up to her and slaps her across the face “You are a disgusting woman….lower than low…you deserve to stay in your crazy state of mind for the rest of your life” David was enraged, his wife lied to him “I found out through my own ways who’s number that was…..it was your ex-boyfriends number…you will never change your ways…you lier” He stares at her in disbelief how could this happen to him, after all that he did for her, after all that he wanted to do for her. He compromised his religious beliefs to keep her, he let go of his dream to have an extremely faithful wife to walk down the path of life with him, just to be with her. Who was this woman, what did she want from him? Had he not done his fair share of sacrifices to keep this marriage going on? He stares at her, she has her hand placed on her cheeks without a single tear drop coming down, she has been caught talking to another man on the phone and there was nothing she could say or do to change her new reality. He walks out and Emma rushes after him but it is too late he has stormed out of the house, shutting her out of his life and his thoughts forever.

Late at night he comes back, all beaten up and exhausted, like a man who was a hundred years old. He finds Emma sitting down on the chair and moves to sit on the chair opposite her.

“I will marry another woman” David says with such calm in his voice allowing for his inner venom to come out with hurtful words yet a tone of indifference. Emma sits there staring at him, in confusion as to what may happen next in her life. She feels that she deserves his anger, she feels that she is the core reason behind his wanting to find another wife and leave her behind in a world of turmoil and bitterness. David moves towards the door and walks out calmly not knowing where he will go or what he should do with the sadness that has engulfed him deep within his soul. He was always determined to find his soul mate, his main mission was to find a partner that will walk the long path of life with him in harmony and understanding. What had he done? He was devastated with the choice he made the miscalculation of who he chose to be his wife.

Emma sits facing the empty chair ahead of her, staring at the cushion as it expands itself back into its normal shape allowing for all traces of David to be whipped away. Tears well up as they trickle down her face, her mind can’t stop thinking, her heart is full of hate and love. She whispers to herself in the silence that has engulfed her “Why am i doing this?” she sits back and thinks back of her childhood, her life, how it has unfolded to lead her to a place of complete discomfort with who she is. She sinks deep into the chair and closes her watery eyes allowing the tears that have found their way to her cheeks dry up giving a discomfort to a familiar feeling deep within.

What was so wrong with her that she was not able to maintain a loving relationship and sustain a family life? Emma was trying her best to figure out what was wrong with her, why she did the things she did. She was good for three months and then she would not be able to control the deep desire to rebel against her life, this became her cycle, but this time it went really bad. The turn of events was horrible. In all reality she was only talking to her ex-boyfriend on the phone to remind herself of the days she was free of religion and all it’s pressure, when she was only responsible of herself and no one else. There were no kids, no man and no home to look after. Yes the other things in her life back then were horrible too, she lacked the comforts of a family life, or stability and she was craving both worlds, the one she had chosen today and the one she didn’t have a choice in the past. Her ex boyfriend had gotten in touch with her, hoping she was still single, yet to his dismay she was already married with kids. So he pursued her with phone calls and in time Emma started to look forward to those meaningless phone conversations that took her far away from the restrictions she was under today.

David was already on his way to his parents house, not knowing where else to go. He called up his Religious master to vent out and receive some reasonable advice, to his dismay the Religious master told him to punish his wife by keeping her but marrying another woman to take care of him. He continued to tell him to keep Emma as the baby sitter since she had to care for her children, but to marry another woman to provide him with the spiritual growth he was seeking. David heard all this attentively yet nothing really made sense to him anymore. How could it be so simple to just marry another woman while keeping the one you have as a baby sitter? He still loved Emma and could not bring himself to doing something like that to her. When he shut the phone with his religious master he took the elevator to go up to his parents house, concluding that he needed to seek another wife, a purer one that would elevate him to the greatest heaven. His family were enraged with anger and disappointment at the way David was dealing with this.

The war between David’s family against Emma and David began, it was a double edged sword, they were both wrong on so many levels. David was completely taken by his religious master unable to hear any logic from anyone else. As for Emma she was doing things that endangered her family’s unity cause of the suffocation she was in and the lack of comfort within her own self.  There was nothing anyone could do, nothing anyone said made a difference and in time David was starting his search for wife number two.

David took a flight down to meet his Religious Master a week later wanting to be in the sanctuary of the world he craved for. It was by pure luck that David opened his eyes to what was really happening in the religious cult he chose to be so intimate with. He saw all the hypocrisy that took place there, most women were covered from head to toe yet late at night, when they would light up their candles in their homes to take change, they would keep their blinds wide open for all to see them get undressed. He started to pay attention to what was really being said to them all, that working was not essential, that God would send money to you even if you don’t work, just by sitting and praying and doing mantras the doors of money will descend on them. Everything that he never saw before started to show themselves to him on that trip. An awareness came into light and he booked his flight and went back to his home town to really assess the things that were going wrong.

His shock was evident to all, he isolated himself trying to make sense of the life he had been leading for five years with his religious Master. Believing everything he said, doing everything that was told to him just to reach the ultimate goal of being on God’s good side. Enraged with himself for being so blind and enraged with his wife for being so hard to please he decided to put the whole second wife escapade on hold.

Emma was working hard on herself at the time, figuring out how to be a better mother, a better person. She wanted to have a life outside of her four walls to be able to breathe again, she just didn’t know how. On a random conversation with a friend she was offered a job as an assistant in a old people’s home. She took the job in a heartbeat as she felt that this could be a right move towards her sanity coming back. She called David to tell him of her new plans and he agreed to it with open arms. Emma was surprised with the change of attitude, from a man that would have never accepted her  to work came another man telling her that he was very happy with her decision.

David and Emma pursued their daily lives the best way they could with one another, each one in their won world trying to re-assess the destruction that took place between them, still knowing that they both loved one another very much. Months passed and slowly they both started to sit with one another more often. David did not force Emma to do any religious stuff giving her all the space she needed as long as she kept the veil on and took care of the kids. Emma avoided phone calls with friends who were living a life she left behind years ago to concentrate on her new life. Every few months Emma would go through a fit and David would calm her down, talking to her, listening to her giving her the affection she needed.

In her fits she would confide to him “I am not good for you, I am not worthy of you in my life David. Your such a good man and I have bought you nothing but pain into your life.” And David would tell her that he agreed that she bought him a lot of pain and he was part to blame for the ability to have ignited all her insecurities with all the religious stuff he forced upon her.

They were starting to talk again and every three months David would wait for Emma’s outburst of insecurities and reasons to leave them all behind. He knew all the pain she faced in her life, and the biggest one was that her parents never wanted her, so why should she want her kids?

They had bought a tv into their home, actually two tv’s into their home. One for their bedroom to watch all the movies they desired to watch together and one in the living room for the days they would allow their kids to watch tv. Emma became the manager of the old people’s home as David became in charge of his own religious beliefs. He still followed religion the way he had always wanted it, but this time around he was using his God given logic and provided the ability for his wife to deal with it the best way she could.

Two years later David and Emma have reached what they were always destined to reach a friendship like no other. They are one with one another, they are both strong people and each one stands up for the other with all they have within them of love.

Emma is an adoring mother to her kids, she became a great cook as it bought her some serenity to see the joy on her husband’s face when she made him good food. She goes to religious classes that her husband tells her are the good ones to go to and she peruses her religion on her own pace with such love and ease.

David has risen to a wonderful state with his spirituality that his family find it a joy to speak to him again and take his opinion. He has left judgment behind and has moved towards great understanding and acceptance of each individuals growth. He works hard to earn his money and keep his family well sustained, not just waiting to see what God will give him through prayers.

Their home is filled with love and joy, their kids have become the center of both their lives, but their universe has become one another.

Sometimes you don’t know what is good for you, sometimes there is a huge struggle to be able to be the person you are meant to be. Sometimes it’s through the journey that you find what you want, other times it’s by going through that journey with that one person that makes you figure out who you are.


Butterflies in Time – Chapter 8

“Hello……Hellooooo……..Emma…….Hellooooo….answer me” David yelled into the phone as he heard the sobs of apology on the other line. “I am sorry” said the whispering voice on the other line in between the loud breaths of anguished of tears. “Where are you?…….ANSWER me Emmaaaaa” David kept yelling over the phone his voice shaking in anger as his hands trembled. Then there was nothing, no sobbing, no apologizing, not a breath on the other line, Emma was gone again.

As the days passed David started to express his emotions to his family, going from one extreme to the next, one day it was complete love for Emma and the next day it was utter hate towards her. They were all back in their home town, fusing around the twins and taking care of them. Rosie and Sandra had to leave and go back to their homes as David’s parents took on the responsibility of taking care of the twins. David did his best to cope with the situation as his head stayed in a distant place trying to put the pieces back of his new found life.

One fortunate day David receive a phone call telling him where Emma has been this whole time. He immediately picks up the phone and calls her aunt. Emma was there the whole time, begging her aunt on a daily basis not to tell David of her whereabouts. One day when Emma was out of the house her aunt decided that this was going on for too long and called up her parents to tell them that Emma was safe and to tell David that she is with her.

David tracked her down and got hold of her on the phone, and Emma was ready to talk with complete regret for what she had done. It was then decided by the two of them that she needs to return to her home town back in her parents house for them to try to figure out what to do next in their unfortunate state.

Emma stayed at her parents house as her and David’s phone calls to one another grew longer with no resolution. She was not allowed to see her children since she abandoned them so aggressively, that was her punishment, or so thought David. In reality Emma was not ready to see the children either, they reminded her of her suffocation and her break down, the guild would eat her alive if she saw them after what she did. In time David divorced Emma, telling her that she was an unfit mother and wife, that there was no hope in them ever going back to what they were.

David’s family were glad to have Emma out of the picture especially that she was the cause of so much pain to so many people, they wanted David to move on and live his life normally again. Little did they all know that after their divorce, David and Emma were still in touch, still talking on the phone on a daily basis, reprimanding one another for all the faults that took place in their life together. Through their conversations they came to an agreement that Emma needed to seek psychologist help, they were both aware of how much they loved one another but they could not live together.

She agreed to go three times a week to figure out what went wrong, her guilt was eating her up and she started to miss her children, agonizing over the life she ran away from. The psychologist helped her greatly with her understanding of her life and all the things she needed to do to move away from all her childhood pains. She saw her children a few hours a day as she tried to connect with them again. David was with her every time she went to the psychologist making sure that she went, making sure that she he was there for her every step of the way. Things were getting better, as time passed David started to know the magnitude of all her pain in her life, all the things that happened that he was un-aware of and things started to come into perspective. At the same time he started to become aware of the harsh truth; that his religious master was a deceitful man, building a religious cult according to his own needs of power, his greatest victims were those who were young at heart and wanted to find ways to please their God in any way possible. His religious master was giving him uncalled for advice when it came to his situation with Emma. David was told to send Emma to their country to be reformed into a better person, to leave her there for months until she understood the glory of God. He was also told to marry another woman who was fit to take care of his children as soon as possible. David was inundated with lots of advice coming his way from his religious Master; which were all things that made him re-think about the intentions of his religious master.

Months passed by as Emma was recovering nicely with the help of some medication given to her by her psychologist. Every other day for an hour, Emma would be venting about all her childhood and grown up issues to her psychologist as David sat outside waiting for her to finish. In one of those days David was asked to join them and Emma had to re-tell her story to David, about her life prior to him. It was in hearing all this that David decided to take things in his own hand and make a decision outside of his religious master and his family pressures. That day, as they walked outside of the psychologist office, David turned to Emma and asked her to marry him again in hopes that this time around they can work things out differently with a new understanding.

They went to a sheikh and re-married without anyone else knowing but the two of them, they continued to live in separate homes until they felt it was time to tell both families that they were back together. This allowed them to go out together, have their dinners, speak to one another, open up on all matters that they had bottled in for a whole two years. Their passion for one another grew stronger as their understanding of the other persons ailments made it’s way into their lives. There were things there that were too shameful for Emma to had ever disclosed to David, like her childhood molestation from both her parents homes that she lived in. She was ashamed to say that she was not wanted by either of them and that she longed to belong to something good.

The day came when David and Emma walked hand in hand to both their families telling them that they were back together. David’s family was at dismay not knowing how to re-act to this new change, as for Emma’s family her mother was happy her daughter was back in her home, and her father was indifferent to the whole thing. As it just so happened, David was unable to keep himself from holding back all the anger he had for her family and so a few days later after their announcement, David went over to both her parents homes and told them that they are never allowed to see his kids or Emma again. He confronted them with all their bad parental behavior and condemned them for all the abuse their daughter went through cause of their constant neglect of her.

The twins were so happy to see Emma, they were jumping with Joy when they woke up every morning to find her there with them, in the same house with their father. Emma was still working a lot of things out with her self, she had stopped the medication and things were looking brighter for her, but a huge nagging feeling inside her kept erupting every once in a while that caused an abundance of tears and screaming. In those moments David would call up his Religious Master and ask him what he should do, what should he make her do to get out of those fits. Emma, wanting to make things work out with David would recite all the things that David would give her, she spent days and nights doing all the religious things that David gave her to do to keep her sain and protected from evil thoughts and actions.

They started to watch movies in the theater every once a week, and started to listen to some songs every once in a while, but still David would not allow the possibilities of having a tv in his own home. They were trying to find a compromise on both ends, yet every time David would take a step closer to what she wanted his religious Master would take him a few steps back. Emma was still not fully stable therefore she needed a lot of help with the kids, always worried that she may break down again as she did six months ago.

To be continued….Chapter 9

Butterflies in Time – Chapter 7

In a world that belonged to all the people of the world, David and Emma moved to a sanctuary of their own. The company provided them with a car along with the comforts of a home for them to stay in. Things were going well between them, the winter was about to come and their daily walks would have to end. They had no help for the twins and everything was managed by the two of them alone. David woke up early and went to work as Emma sat talking care of the kids as she did all the house work needed. In the evenings when David would come back, they would take the car and go to the supermarket to purchase any missing house items that they might need for the following day.

In time Emma found that she had no outlet of her own that she was allowed to pursue, the same religious rules continued to invade their home on a daily basis. There was no tv in the house as it was considered a sin, there was no music allowed for it could invoke the devil to come, only God’s words were to be present in this house. She made a few friends through the help of her husband’s work colleagues as she would try to make time to see them at least twice a week. Emma was happy with her new found life, she was at ease with it and wanted to do everything to make it work.

David found a new happiness in his family life that he was lacking for a good year. He liked his job with all its awkward timings and stresses; it provided a type of sanctuary for him. He was a patient man and wanted to do everything to provide his family with all that he can offer them of comforts and security. The main problem was that there was always the Religious Master that resided in his life with such force. His religious Master was also there with him in Canada, David was given names of people who provided religious classes to maintain David’s as a faithful follower. Every weekend, they would drive to the suburbs outside the city they lived in to go and listen to one of many religious classes that were offered.

The strains of life started to show themselves to the couple as months passed containing the same constraints of life that existed in their home town.  David and Emma were unable to talk to one another the way they used to, both were not able to hear what the other was saying, each one was fighting a battle within themselves that the other would not have accepted to hear. Emma was suffering the pains of isolation, there was no tv to occupy her mind, the simplicity of music was not permitted to her. Her reminder of the fact that she was never wanted by her parents kept her on edge as her self defense grew stronger.

As for David his fear that his wife will continue in her moodiness over powered him, he was worried that she would get to know people that would be bad for her, knowing that she was a very easy person to be influenced by others. He worried to incorporate TV in the house, knowing that right after a movie his wife would live in that world hoping to change her life around to look like the movie they just watched. His only outlet was religion and in that outlet he allowed his whole being to be absorbed by it trying in all ways to monitor his wife’s mood swings through containing all her desired outlets.

Their communication went down to zero, the reason they married were not evident anymore. As they both came to terms that it was not the country that caused them the problem and it was not the family that was too interfering, a superficial life style started to take effect. Both parties started to do what the other required of them to make things move forward. The twins were the only bond left for them, and even within that there were arguments as to how they wanted to bring them up.

The autumn leaves started to fall gently on the ground as winter made its first announcement. This caused more confinements within the family making it harder to leave the house cause of the weather. Slowly Emma’s interest in taking care of the twins started to diminish, as David’s concerns started to grow. She was crying a lot unable to make sense of her life and where she was, she missed her friends, she missed her family and she missed David’s family. David started to care for the children with his full time job, tying to make the best for them as their mother was deteriorating slowly. Her temper was all over the house, the yelling and the screaming as the out of control out bursts.

One day as David was at work, he tried to call Emma to see where she was and what was for dinner. There was no response, the phone rang with no answer, he shut the phone assuming that Emma was sleeping. By evening he returned home to find his children sitting in their high chair with a bottle of water and a note stuck to one of the feeding chairs. The note said “ I can’t do this anymore. I love you but I am leaving you and the kids. I am not a good mother and I will never be a good wife. I don’t deserve a man like you in my life.”

David was unable to understand what just happened; he stared at his kids and stared back at the note. How could his wife just walk out on him like this? How could she just leave the kids alone in the house without a warning phone call? Where is she?

It was all a shock to him, he could not understand the mental state in which his wife was in, a state that was so intense that she could just walk out on them without a care in the world for the welfare of her children. What went wrong?

His first reaction was to call up his family to get immediate help. Rosie was traumatized, being an over attentive mom she could not understand how any mother could have the heart to walk out on her kids, she kept repeating to David “The least she could have done was take the kids with her, and leave you.” There was no one that could make sense of what really took place and what really happened. The next day Sandra and David’s father flew out to help David with the situation he was in. The shock of what took place was what kept everyone silent as the words evaded them all. A plan was to happen, it was going to be impossible for David to maintain living in Canada all alone taking care of 8 months old babies. The plan was to move them back to the families home town, and over there try to figure out the best way to handle the new living arrangements. This whole escapade required David’s mom and Rosie to also come into town. They were on the next flight in ready to close house, pack all the things and take the twins and fly out until David was able to sort out his job arrangements.

David spent every passing minute calling everyone he knew, looking for his wife. Her parents had no idea where she was, her aunt was also confused, all her friends didn’t know how to answer his nonstop questions.  The twins were attached to Sandra especially Jasmine, she would not allow her to move without her. Whenever Sandra would go to the bathroom Jasmine would cry with such an aching shiver that Sandra would evade using the bathroom without her. No one was able to be with Jasmine except for Sandra, therefore it was decided that Jasmine will be Sandra’s responsibility, as was helping with packing the things in the house. Rosie on the other hand was doing her best to maintain the health and nutrition of the twins. She would shower them, feed them and was responsible for packing their carryon bags. David’s father was helping David do the investigation on how to get the twins out of the country, booking the tickets and getting all the right people in his home country to finish all the necessary jobs. The second twin was the responsibility of David’s mother plus all the packing of the house to make sure it will be an easy move for David once they all left.

It was a large devastation upon David, he was abandoned in the worst ways possible. He longed for Emma yet he hated her for leaving him to ask for his families help again. He was confused between hate and love, he kept repeating all the events that could have led t that hateful day. The phone never left his side, he was calling everyone several times hoping with all his heart that he can figure out where his wife ran off to. Wanting to talk to her, to understand, needing to yell and scream at her for leaving him. His emotions were out of control and the family was trying its best to ease the pain on his aching heart.

To be continued……chapter 8

Butterflies in Time – Chapter 6

At some point David’s family was getting exhausted from the demands of Emma’s constant complaints about her life with the twins, regardless of how everyone tried to help and be available it was still never enough. Luckily her aunt came in to town to help her since David’s family felt like there was nothing more that a woman would need more than her own family to take care of her in such a tough state. Her mother was unable to help in anyway not knowing what to do with kids, therefore she could only help with offering food to her daughter with no motherly support. As for her father and her step mother, they tried to be there for Emma but their help suffocated her since they too had no clue on how to take care of babies, let alone take care of Emma.

When her aunt came to visit, Emma was a bit more at peace, she was able to complain about her distress with her life on a compassionate shoulder, her aunt had the unconditional love that Emma was raving to get from her own mother. On the other hand David was sucked into his the do’s and don’ts of his religion, allowing no space for his wife to breath in. Everything that he did or thought of was directed to him through his own religious master that lived in the States. He was in constant contact with him asking for his opinion on everything and doing nothing without his approval. If his family would have the tv on and Emma would be sitting there, David would walk in calmly and retort a quote he heard from his religious master to her, then ask her to leave the room and not sit with his family if they still intended to watch tv. When Sandra would blast her music and dance around the house with Rosie next to her David would gently take hold of Emma as he would take her back to their house so they can incorporate some more religious values within her.

Sandra still believed they were soul mates, but she started to believe that they were bad for one another, bringing out the negatives instead of the positives.

As strange as it may have seemed, Emma was always choosing to tell Sandra the truths or lies knowing very well that Sandra was not the type that could handle lies, let alone a lie to her own brother. On many occasions Sandra had sat with Sandra and light up a cigarette with her, puffing away for dear life, running into the bathroom right after to be able to wash any reminisce of the smoke on her in fear of David finding out.

David hated cigarettes from the day he was born, it has always been the one major request he had for any girl that was going to be with him. It was his condition to make sure that he marries a woman that was not a smoker. Out of love for David, Emma never told him that she smokes hoping with all her might that she would not ever desire to smoke again, wishing that she had broken the habit. A year of this type of deceit was enough for Sandra to lose her senses, to her it was an unfair lie to her brother and that this issue should be confronted so that it is dealt with out in the open. Other strange things started to take place, Emma would be perfectly fine with the family until David would walk in then a whole act of illnesses and pain would start to unfold. Her attitude would change and the next act of self pity would start to immerge. The family was starting to dislike Emma’s company, there was a huge lack of trust that was starting to take place in everyone’s heart. David’s mother was the only one trying hard to maintain a love for Emma although it was hard to do as she also started to boss David around to do things for her as the act of illness started to take effect.

One day a large fight emerged between David and Emma caused by Sandra’s inability to keep all the secrets she knew about Emma inside, wanting her brother to discuss everything out in the open, needing Emma to change her ways in hiding the truth and being open and clear about who she was. Emma was in a rut, her mind was not able to adjust with the idea that she could actually say the truth and for it to be accepted by others. She was taught early on that her parents never trusted her, therefore lies were her only way of getting the attention she so desperately seeked. David’s mother was the only one who saw what Emma was going through internally.  The day came when Sandra could not more keep her silence as she went over to her brother’s house and told him about all the deceit he was in, and the blindness he was accepting upon himself. There was a choice to be made and the choice was either to have an open relationship with his wife and confront her with all that was happening behind the scenes or to just not come that often to the family home allowing his family to be evidence to what was really taking place.

The largest fight took place, and the deepest conversations started to work between the couple. The decision was also taken to leave the country and move to another country, away from the family to allow them to grow and establish themselves better as an entity. David had applied for a job in Canada and was going to take his family and go there hoping for a better future and a better life. Emma was open to the new change but was worried about her inability of taking care of her 6 month old twins on her own. David was not gonna be able to hire a full time nanny as he was just starting to build himself and Emma was not able to survive without help.

After their fights that brewed because of Sandra’s long talk with her brother, David became aware of his environment and Emma’s choice of friends. One of the many things that David came to understand was that Emma had invited a friend over once to her house in the absence of David, allowing her friend to smoke marijuana in the house as the babies were sleeping in another room. This surely made David come to realize the bad influence of friends on his wife, keep her more locked up and under surveillance. His Religious Master was filling his mind with different ways to tame his wife, allowing no space for either of them to find the road of balance and harmony amongst themselves. David was given verses after verses to read all day long, mantra’s for him and his wife to say at certain hours of the day that would eat up no less than four hours. There were also prayers to be made outside of the required five prayers. There were books to be read and lessons to go to. In reality there was no time for anything else to happen; their lives were rotated around David’s religious Masters Requirements to make them a better people for the afterlife.

David’s family tried their utmost best to talk sense into him, but to no avail. Emma was in a whirlwind of her own, with her childhood trauma’s, twins in her care and a life that only included the worship of God through an enormous list of things to do, Emma was no more the girl that anyone knew.

David was taught to believe that the reason all this bad was happening to him was because his faith was not strong enough, therefore an abundance of religious requirements kept growing and growing as nothing worked.

To be continued……chapter 7

Butterflies of Time – Chapter 5

The story told from Sandra’s point of view:

Sandra rode her car towards her home to have lunch with her parents as her phone rang, she picked up the phone not recognizing the number cursing the network for always putting her in a situation where she had to answer unknown numbers. “Hello” Sandra calls out as she hears sniffles and crying on the other end of the line. “Hello, who is this?” she says in a panic not knowing who this sobbing person is on the other end of the line. “Hello, please are you ok?” as voice starts to appear on the other end of the line with a slow whisper filled with tears “Hi Sandra this is Emma” and all the sobs start flooding the phone call. Sandra parks her car outside her house and sits there trying to understand what is happening. David and Emma are on their honeymoon it has been only three days what could have happened.

Emma slowly starts to control her tears as she relays her devastation of her honeymoon. David was leaving her behind to go and sit with a bunch of religious people, wanting her to come along but not pushing her if she didn’t want to. He would leave her for hours on end in the hotel room as he ventured into confines of a religious sect he found on his trip. Sandra was devastated upon hearing this and mended Emma’s tears as much as she could. As they shut the phone and Emma was tears free, Sandra called David to see what was going on.

David explained how this was their plan from the beginning that they would go to the States on their honeymoon they gone to Greece after. That Emma knew that on the trip to the states there was going to be lots of religious men that he was going to meet and he was hoping she would accompany him on his knowledge seeking trip. Sandra explained what a bad idea that was, that the honeymoon was meant for them to spend time together not with the presence of religious classes and external interference. David understood what Sandra was saying but his thirst to keep growing religiously was more over powering than trying to meet the needs of his wife on her honeymoon. They were to leave to Greece in a few more days and that was a relief to Sandra giving her hope that upon their return things will be back to normal between them. Sandra called Emma to check up on her as she advised her to accompany her husband on his religious hunt especially that they will be leaving to Greece in a few days and she should try to keep their bond close till then.

The day they arrived from their honeymoon Emma and David were two love birds, all smiles and filled with loving gifts for both members of the family. Their new accommodations were located right across the street from David’s family home, which made it convenient for them to be over at their house on a daily basis. Sandra’s concerns disappeared as she saw the two lovebirds flourish in the glory of their love for one another.

There were days where Emma was not herself and David was not himself, in those days when they would be in the family home, the tension would be immense and the worry would start to take place. David had still not graduated university, making his father his sole provider financially. This made no difference to Emma at all and that was something that was starting to upset Sandra deep inside.

Sandra and Emma spoke a lot as Sandra tried her best to avoid Emma’s unreadable eyes and just listen to her complaints and joys. A few months into their marriage, Emma decided to confide to Sandra that she was trying to get pregnant. Sandra could not understand how that could be possible knowing that her brother was still under his fathers financial support, therefore once a child was born there will be three more people under the financial support of her father. She spoke everyday to Emma about it, trying to convince her that to bring in a child now was too early, that the need to have her husband make money to support them was vital and not to add an extra burden on the family. There was no way to talk her out of it, she wanted a child and she did everything to get a child. Sandra spoke to David about it, trying her best to make him see the wrong in bringing in another mouth to feed forcing his father to be the sole provider for that child. David always listened to Sandra and he was convinced with what she said, the problem was that Emma’s old ways with her parents were starting to show with her husband. The tears would fall down on her face in full force to convince her husband that if she did not get pregnant now then it would be impossible to get pregnant in a year cause she had problems in her uterus. Sandra could foresee trouble if they went through with their plan, and tried everything to stop it from happening but to no avail. Emma started to complain to David that his sister didn’t want good things to happen to them. David would share all his thoughts with Sandra and Sandra would try her best to talk sense into both of them.

A few months later, with the help of doctors Emma got pregnant with Twins. The burden was larger that just one mouth to feed, there were two mouths to feed. The whole family rejoiced with the news of the upcoming birth of two grandchildren. Sandra was trying her best to get herself out of the picture but Emma always liked to talk to Sandra regardless of their differences and arguments. As the pregnancy got further along so did Emma’s bossy attitude and over exaggerated need for attention. It was more than what Sandra could take and so Sandra spent most of her days out with friends and busying herself in a million other things outside of her family.

David was in his own world, hovering all the time around his wife regardless of her rudeness to other members of his family. Her attitude was getting harsher; her demeanor was hard to look at. She had the whole family running around trying to make her life easier as she would just sit there with her legs up and a frown on her face of arrogance.

Sandra was starting to worry for her brother not understanding the lack of responsibility that they both had towards their upcoming family. Sandra was beyond herself with regret for not taking a harsher stand about them bringing a child into their life at a time when there was no one but her father to support them. A few months into Emma’s pregnancy, Sandra packed some of her things and took off Italy (in her family home) to take a few courses and get away from the stifling environment of her home life.  

A month before Emma was to deliver Sandra returned to her home town to be there for her brother once the twins were born. Upon her return, Sandra noticed a change of attitude in the family towards Emma, Rosie and David’s father were not happy with Sandra’s attitude and demeanor. David’s mom was disappointed in what she saw but her desire to make things right again was her only aim. David’s mom was a good woman always trying to make everyone get along and bring happiness and acceptance to everyone, she remained strong in her conviction that Emma will go back to the way she was before she married into the family. David’s mom stood firm and strong, regardless of Emma’s aggression and uncalled for words. David’s mom always made sure to embrace her with love and affection claiming that Emma never had love from her parents and she was bought into this family to receive that love she was always deprived from.

David was sucked into Emma’s drama on a daily basis, his family was a distant memory as he avoided to discuss what was really happening in the house hold. Sandra was the only one David spoke to about how he felt, yet Sandra was finding it hard to provide positive feedback on the matter. She was still unable to read through Emma’s eyes, there was still a large void and a wall of steel that could not be penetrated by anyone which made it very uncomforting for Sandra to deal with.

The day of the birth of the twins, the entire family was waiting impatiently at the emergency room, David was inside with his wife as they had done lamase classes together and he was to be the only one that was able to help. At some point Rosie was asked to go in and be of support since she had already given birth to her first child and was an encyclopedia of information that they relied on fully. The twins were born as the families made amends with one another ones again in the waiting room, the joy over powering every single person even Sandra.

Things went well for a few months after that, everyone was hovering around the twins all day long. They stayed with David’s family during the first few months of the birth of the twins, each taking turns in helping out Emma who was drained and had lost a lot of energy during the birth. Rosie was a constant nurse to Emma, she knew how to shower the twins, help Emma breast feed them, show Emma how to dress them. As for Sandra she was there all the time to take them over and cuddle with them in bed to allow Emma time to rest. Emma was still moody but the entire family related it to hormones and the birth of twins waiting for the time to come when her smile would radiate again from her soul. Rosie had already moved to live in a different country with her husband but at the birth of David’s twins Rosie made sure to spend a few months with the family to help and guide everyone on the ways of taking care of babies.

To be continued……chapter 6

Butterflies in Time – Chapter 4

The date was set for David to meet yet another potential bride and the excitement was welling up inside of him as he approached the door of the apartment in which his mothers friends resided in ready to ring the door bell. Inside Emma sat impatiently waiting David’s arrival, she had heard nothing but good about him in the past two weeks. The reason she accepted to go to this set up was her lack of good faith in men but the bigger reason was that two people from two different walks of life had called her to tell her that they wanted to set her up with David.

The occurrence of his name made for a good reason for her to take her chance on meeting a guy through a set up. For two weeks his name was repeated to her randomly by others, always mentioning what a great match they would be. So Emma decided to go to the set up and see this “David” for herself. The door bell rang and the host of the house ran to the door with full excitement and anticipation to be the one who got those two souls to meet. In the dimness of the room with the soft whisper of the A/C and gentle smell of incense candles David walks in as he locks his eyes upon Emma’s eyes. He whispers a hello to the host of the house as he walks slowly towards Emma as she sits peacefully staring at what she knew would be her future husband.

They spoke all night long with the host being their third party, hovering around them yet giving them space to talk without her interfering. David was thrilled with the conversations that took place between them, they shared insights and thoughts, their religious outlook was exactly the same which provided a comfort within David. Days passed as they got to know one another better, phone calls, sms’s were a norm becoming their means of interaction between the times that they planned to go out with friends and going together to the religious classes that David loved so much. Both families were introduced to one another a week into their relationship and a date was set for their engagement party. Emma was over at David’s family house every day, everyone was getting to know her better and a warm welcome was always given to her by each memeber.

David and Sandra got close again as they discussed the beauty in finding the soul mate that David has been looking for his whole life. Emma spent many hours with David and Sandra as they would sit and discuss the human state in the world, astrology and religion with all its beauty. Yet there was always something that Sandra could not put her finger on, she felt there was a strange distant look in Emma’s eyes, a look that gave her an unsettling feeling deep within. When David would ask Sandra’s opinion about Emma, Sandra didn’t know how to identify that strange look cause it was so different that the actions that were taking place. Emma was sweet, and kind, and full of life and most importantly she made her brother very happy. The engagement party went smoothly allowing laughter to spread amongst all the members of both families and friends, the union was a good one, or so, they all thought.

One day as Sandra was driving around planning her day and rushing to meet up with her friends she receives a phone call from Emma “ Hey Sandra, hope your well…..i need to talk to you….can we meet for coffee when your free?” Emma’s voice was shaky and nervous and Sandra’s main aim in life has always been to take care of those she loves. Without a hesitation Sandra put her plans aside and went to meet Emma in the coffee shop they agreed to meet in. “I am suffocated” Emma started as she sat there with her eyes staring off into the distance, her hands moving slowly towards her neck to indicate how she was feeling. She continues without Sandra needing to ask “I don’t know if I am up for living such a conservative life style. I don’t mind watching TV or listening to Music. I want to be able to take the religious pace slower, but I am worried that David will not want to be with me if he knows this” Emma then turns around to look at Sandra for help. Again Sandra found that nagging feeling of something strange within Emma’s eyes, she could not go inside, she could not see her soul and it was a discomfort to have someone that shielded off from the world outside. After a long conversation, Sandra told Emma to leave David if she cant handle his strict religious ways, there was no need for anyone to pressure themselves in that way. Emma loved David too much and could no longer vision her life without him, their wedding date was set in a months time, there was nothing she wanted more than to spend the rest of her life with him. Sandra didn’t know what she wanted from her, if her advice was not taken into consideration then there was no point in giving it to begin with. Emma left that day unresolved, and David never knew that  his soul mate was suffocating from the intensity of his religion and the over bearing need to have Emma practice his religion the way he saw fit.

There was a worry in the air that started to grow which no one discussed. There was something there yet also there was nothing there. The wedding plans were on their way and without any notion of upcoming events, both families started to see the other as a burden. By the time the day of the wedding arrived, David’s parents and Emma’s parents were on opposite ends of the spectrum. David’s dad decided that he no longer wanted to be associated to them seeing that they were arguing on a constant basis and each one wanted to do what they thought was best for their child.

The day of the wedding was a disaster; both families were slowly moving into enemy territory. Rosie and Sandra were starting to doubt that this marriage would last too long or even see the benefits for their brother in it. Emma was dressed in white, there were arguments about how her veil should be put on, if there should be a veil on her wedding day or not. David was getting stressed not wanting anyone to interfere in the way he wanted his wedding day to look like. There were arguments that kept recurring about the availability of music in the wedding or not. The women were trying to work things out as best they could to calm thing down and get the ceremony rolling ahead. On the other hand, the men were doing everything in their power to dominate the wedding, each one not happy with what the other wanted. David was keeping his cool, yet he could not fathom the concept of having both fathers give their opinion on how the wedding should be like. By the time the wedding march started, there was an aggressively angry bride and a bitter groom walking towards their wedding hall, with a whole bunch of family members forcing upon their faces a smile just to hide their disappointment from the rest of the world.

To be continued …..Chapter 5

Butterflies in Time – Chapter 3

Upon Sandra’s return from university, the up rise of religion started to take place in her home town giving her a notion that she needs to make a grand entrance into a more spiritual path in her life. Naturally since David and Sandra were close in personalities, Sandra decided to share her new awakening with her brother. The world between the music and religion started to merge into one as David started to understand the glories of his religion and the beauty he was searching for deep within his soul. As time passed the battle between both worlds started to have it’s tole on David, he felt that he had to choose between the two and eventually he chose the path of religion as he willingly isolated any reminisce of his love of music in cardboard boxes in the storage room of his parents house. The walls started to vibrate with Quranic verses instead of the hard beats of rhythms he loved so much. His family was surprised at the new changes and worry started to grow again within their hearts. Where was David heading to this time? What was he thinking? How could such a drastic change take place within a person? That is when David’s life was lead into a different direction with a different purpose for his existence.

He became rigid in his thoughts, he refused to watch tv or listen to music, the world of religion was surrounding him with nothing more than rules and regulations on how to maneuver in life through prayer. The religious classes took over his life allowing for no other thoughts to come into his mind. He was ready to marry, he wanted to find a life partner of the same religious strength that will allow him to grow stronger and stronger in his search for the divine wisdom of life.

“ I want u to meet this girl I met, she is veiled and I am interested for you as my sister to see her and tell me what you think.” Said David to Sandra in one of the rare interactions they had together. Sandra was excited to be included in some part of David’s world and decided to use this to her advantage, to get closer to her brother once again. As each new potential wife was bought to Sandra’s attention, David would loose interest and look for the next woman that can be his future wife to carry his family name and provide an abundance of children to become a Muslim legacy.

Two years passed with the constant search for his soul mate, his wife to be, yet with everyone that Sandra saw, she grew a deep fear for her brother as she was the one to talk to all the women he was choosing. The whole family was starting to interfere in his choices; they were worried for David for he was acting as a blind man ready to go for anything that his new found friends were offering him for a bride. So David’s mother started to help and ask around for a potential bride for her son, wanting to fend for her son’s safety, in doing so she called up people and tried to provide more choices for her son outside of his new friends. One day David received a phone call from his mother, telling him to go to a family friends home, there was a bride for him to see there and she sounds like a great match for him.

The day came where David would finally be with his soul mate, his long search was soon to be over with, the longing for a worthy partner had come at last. The meeting of Emma and David is the beginning of this tale, the journey of two souls as they venture into the world together in search of what is true and what is not.

To be continued……..Chapter 4

Butterflies of Time – Chapter 2 – Emma

In a far away land across the deserts and the seas a young girl named Emma was born. Her head rested gently on her mothers bosoms as she tried to suckle on the offered breast for the first time while hearing the murmur of voices hovering around her. The murmur was a conversation between her mother and father, both contemplating the possibilities of giving their new born daughter away. Little did Emma know at the time that she was unwanted by both her parents from before she was born, little did she know that she was to be sent off far away into another country to be taken care of merely by an aunt. This was how Emma started her journey on this earth a journey of rejection by the two people who should have cherished and loved her from her suckling experience.

Emma knew nothing about how her life would have been with her parents, all she knew was the life that she was leading with her loving aunt. The truth of the matter was that her aunt always felt guilty for Emma, a young child who was left to a relative although both her parents were still alive. In knowing this Emma became a spoiled child, she knew that through guilt she could get away with murder, that her aunt loved her too much and was unable to reprimand her in the right way cause of her current situation. As she grew older, she started to rebel; at the mere age of twelve her parents got news of her aggressive attitude knowing that the aunt was unable to take control of the situation and was told to move back home. By then both her parents had been divorced for twelve years living their lives outside of one another. They had both moved forward in life and got married to other people. This was of course a tough position that they had put themselves and Emma in, who was she to live with? Who would be able to contain her wild side and aggression best? The verdict was made and she was sent to spend time with her mother and her mother’s new husband. Things were not going well for her at the time, she was not easy to tame and her rebellion was hard for her mother to understand especially that she had no true understanding of who her daughter was.  

After some time Emma was moved to her father’s house to live with him and his new wife, hoping that he will be able to take better control of Emma. Her life got even tougher, her father would leave the house and lock the door to make sure she wouldn’t leave when he was out, with no care of her safety incase a fire took place and his daughter needed to rush out. Her father’s home was filled with his friends of all walks of life, making it harder for her to be comfortable in her own new found home. She started to throw tantrums declaring that there were men approaching her in a dirty fashion but all her plea for help went into the hollow pits of uncaring ears. She was moved to her mother’s house after that, her step mother not believing a word Emma said, assuming that she was a rebel and wanted to do anything to destroy their family.

Emma spent the rest of her growing years between both parent’s homes, each one not knowing what to do with her, each one not giving the time to know their daughter. Her parents were too busy for her to even care about her psychological state of mind.

Emma remained an only child to both her parents, neither one wanting another child, not even with their new spouses. You would expect her to be the golden child the cherished child, and yet that was far from the truth. She remained the unwanted child and as the years passed her inner feeling of not being worthy enough to be loved and believed grew stronger within her young soul.

Emma had a radiant smile full of love allowing everyone around her to feel her joy although her internal joy was never to be found. She ventured into the world behind her parents back, she learnt the truth was never something that anyone believed and she knew how to lie to get the freedom she was seeking. She returned on several occasions back to her aunt to seek comfort and love that was never given to her anywhere else. Her interest in finding the right man to give her the love she so desired was a true longing within her which in return attracted her to all the wrong type of man. In doing so there was  a constant affirmation that she cannot be loved, that no one can love who she really is which kept leading her to go for the men that were unable to provide her with the comfort she most craved; the love of her parents.

At university she knew how to dress to the prime, how to attract a man with her wild eyes and her gentle voice. Her smile blossomed on her lips as her eyes stayed cold and distant, yet no one put in the effort to see through her cold eyes and allow for the warmth to seep in. Her tears were always close to falling and at times they were well organized for a self pity story that she had formed to get something that she wanted out of her parents, knowing that the truth would always fail her.

She started work and excelled at her job, they loved her there as they saw the kind gentle side she so well hid from the world. Her smile still radiated, her sadness still over took her heart but her ability to get along with others was the one thing that she held dear to her heart. She had perfected the art of pretending to be happy in her life and within the confines of her own skin. She had become a great person to depend on, a person where others could rely on for the comfort that they themselves had missing in thier live, not knowing that the person they were turning too was seeking that same comfort yet never able to find it. At work she would bounce around full of life, dainty and all girl like, allowing her to put her guard down giving her space to venture into her natural loving nature.

Her parents were still a distant comfort to her, her aunt would visit her constantly knowing that she was in desperate need to feel love, the unconditional love, that only a parent knows how to give their child. Religion was a distant cry and nothing that was of any possible temptation to her but the rise and uproar of it in the country she was living in allowed her to tread in its direction giving her some peace deep within. This provided a comfort with her colleagues at work and it made her belong to something better, cleaner and much more fulfilling than the life she was leading or the life she was forced to live in. She embraced the veil as she succumbed to her fathers vigorous attacks on her new dress code and choice of way of life. Her peace came at knowing that she didnt need a person to take care of her, she had a much larger entity to rely on, and that was her new found love of God.

To be continued…..

Butterflies in Time – Chapter 1 – David

Once upon a time in the year of 2000 there was a young man by the name of David. A handsome young man who loved music from within his inner core, he allowed the wonders of the beats to enter his soul as he enjoyed the entertainment that he was so willingly able to offer to others. David was a DJ an underground DJ that knew how to max wonderful mixes going from song to song with complete ease, fulfilling his listeners with an inner build up of euphoria that would take their souls to the outskirts of the universe and bring them back gently as the night was coming to an end. On those nights David would receive an abundance of red roses from his fans as they would stare at him all starry eyed filled with hope.
In the late hours of the night, music would be gently penetrating the walls of his home, practicing his music skills preparing for another night of musical ecstasy. His parents were worried about him but his sisters were proud of him, nights on end they would all sit in his room and listen to him merge his music into one journey that would allow all to feel the warmth of the desired state. It was a good life, it was a simple life, and there were so many more of those nights to come, if only it were not for the country that David’s family decided to reside in life may have stayed on the course it was on.
David came from a wealthy family, yet regardless of the wealth his parents were very keen on providing their children with the humblest of attitudes. He had two sisters each one completely different than the other with one thing in common the abundance of love that they all had for one another. His older sister Sandra was very righteous and her main concerns in life were always to watch out for her family making sure that they were all in a good place in their lives. As for the younger sister Rosie, well she was of a wild spirit always ready to go against any rule that was cast down upon her by her parents.

As they were growing up, Sandra, Rosie and David were at opposite ends of the spectrum on life, Sandra was the one who always laughed and danced around the house without a care in the world, living in her own bubble that was filled with pink butterflies and ponies. She was always asked to step out of her bubble to solve a problem then allowed to move back in once the problem was solved. She had learnt that laughing was a good way to ward of sadness and it became her understanding to always be the life of the house. Rosie was of a quieter nature more to herself yet incredibly smart, there were days where she would sleep with the encyclopedia thrown open next to her as she had memorized a new word or a new definition. She was also very attached to her mother holding on to her skirt in hope that she won’t get lost, it was a grounding to her, a way to allow her to feel safe and secure from the world outside. Rosie would observe her older sister and require that she be given the same privileges, not allowing her parents to offer her any less. This activated in her an ability to peruse with full force what she wanted to do, having complete ability to persist for days on end without a breath of air until she got what she wanted. On the other hand Rosie was of utmost kindness, taking care of anyone who was ill or feeling down by providing them with blankets and soup to comfort their aching body or sad soul. As for David, being the youngest in the family, he was loved by their mother. In actuDavidty it is a good thing that she did show more love to him since he was receiving torturous times from his sister Rosie, as Rosie was being miss treated by her sister Sandra.

David was extremely quiet, he spent most of his time playing on his own, cars were a wonder to him and comic books were his world. He spent his entire childhood collecting comic books. Each time he would buy one he would make sure to put it back in its transparent envelope that he bought it in so that one day, if he felt like reading it again, he would be able to feel that it was still brand new. David was a mystery, his kindness was shown in his gentle ways with others, his well thought of words, his self expression and his love towards his family. The family depended on his kindness and with time his powerful wisdom in whatever stage of life he was in was always welcomed by all. In silence you seek knowledge and David was definitely silent and a great seeker of knowledge. The universe was of his utmost interest, telescopes were purchased and weeks on end of finding mars were ventured in the darkest hours of the night. He shared all this with Sandra who was also very interested in the universe and all its beauty. With time Sandra and David were closer than any other members of the family. Their interests were similar, their priorities were the same and their life observations and conversations were what created a great bond that allowed them to enter different worlds as they ventured into the glory of the human mind.

As the years passed and the countries changed the closeness of the family grew stronger, they had an abundance of friends but they only had one another to rely on and trust. Since David possessed a mind older than what his age indicated, he enjoyed the times he spend with Sandra’s friends immensely. Sandra always had a full life filled with friends and outings and her parents home was always a haven of fun for everyone she knew. In her high school years her house was a daily outing for others and music would always be blaring from the garden as friends just gathered around to talk, dance sing karaoke or swim in the pool. During those times David was always around, talking to her friends or simply sitting in the shadows observing the how they act and what they are saying to one another. He was loved by all and his intellect and observations were cherished by the older crowd.

Sandra had already graduated and moved to university away from the family to a different country and David was still in touch with all her friends, as some of them decided to stay behind for a year before heading off to university; David would find time to go hang out with them to keep the comfort and self growth that he needed at the time. Sandra’s friends were DJ’s abroad and when they would return back from their universities to visit their families, David would be waiting impatiently for their return in hope of learning something new or acquiring an insight into the outside world. That is when David was introduced to the world of underground mixing, in the ripe age of sixteen David was given the golden key that would set his soul souring, giving him a new way to express himself, allowing him the freedom to maintain his silence.

To be continued………

Butterflies in Time – Excerpt

“I will marry another woman” David says with such calm in his voice allowing for his inner venom to come out with hurtful words yet a tone of indifference. Emma sits there staring at him, in confusion as to what may happen next in her life. She feels that she deserves his anger, she feels that she is the core reason behind his wanting to find another wife and leave her behind in a world of turmoil and bitterness. David moves towards the door and walks out calmly not knowing where he will go or what he should do with the sadness that has engulfed him deep within his soul. He was always determined to find his soul mate, his main mission was to find a partner that will walk the long path of life with him in harmony and understanding. What had he done? He was devastated with the choice he made the miscalculation of who he chose to be his wife.

Emma sits facing the empty chair ahead of her, staring at the cushion as it expands itself back into its normal shape allowing for all traces of David to be whipped away. Tears well up as they trickle down her face, her mind cant stop thinking, her heart is full of hate and love. She whispers to herself in the silence that has engulfed her “Why am i doing this?” she sits back and thinks back of her childhood, her life, how it has unfolded to lead her to a place of complete discomfort with who she is. She sinks deep into the chair and closes her watery eyes allowing the tears that have found their way to her cheeks dry up giving a discomfort to a familiar feeling deep within.

 To be continued ……..Chapter 1 – David