Shocking truth – 3 (Back Home)

Continued from…….Shocking Truth -2 Europe trip

On arrival to our home town again, i sat alone on the plane since i have a tendency to sleep on planes. In the mean time, Leama has become distant from me, our years of bonding and friendship was slowly fading, while Tracy was acting like an angle of love. I ignored all that was happening since i was feeling really guilty for loosing my temper that way. Nothing mattered to me at that point in time, all that mattered was that i knew that i needed to leave my ex husband for sure, and all the lies he made me believe of myself, were lies and not the truth about who i was. I needed to end things, end them as soon as possible before i fall back into the same cycle.

One of the nights, Tracy decided to go out with Tamer, he was depressed and had a business dinner  that he had to go to, and he wanted her with him. It was a blessed day, she wore the jeans he likes, the heals he loves, the sexy shirt and kept asking me if it was professional enough for a business dinner. I said yes, and helped her get dressed. In the mean time me and Leama were getting closer to one another, somehow we could not stay that apart  for too long. Luckily neither i nor her told Tracy, not meaning to, it just happened that way. So Leama was depressed, and Tracy told me to take care of her, sweet Tracy all love and care (sarcasm). Asked to to tell her to come over to the house and chill with me, that she will take care of Tamer depressiona dn i take care of Leama depression. Leama came over, kept looking at her watch, and kept persisting that Tamer is supposed to call her so we can all meet up. Never did Tamer call, so Leama called Tracy and Tracy never answered. We sat there for a few hours, then Leama just picked up the phone and called Tamer. He was thrilled, and told us to meet him since they went out to a club, and he has been expecting us, why were we late.

We arrived home and things were great with Tracy yet weird with Leama, Tracy was more loving than her natural self, and Leama was more distant than her natural self. I made nothing of it, i assumed she was shocked at my reaction in Athens and just let it be. As things started to evolve and me and Leama grew more and more distant, Tracy started planting her seeds. She started in her utter sweet way to tell me strange things about Leama. Insinuating things like she uses her own brother cause he is her only source of a social life. Making Leama look like a person with no personality or ability to think for herself, while also being a user. In the mean time Leama also stopped calling me as often, so therefore we were not as close any more, her phone calls were to Tracy, and Tracy would shut the phone, ask me how me and Leama were, then when i would tell her that we hardly every talk, she would start filling my head with stuff about her. Months passed and the gap amongst me and Leama grew larger and larger. Tracy was in love with Leama brother, and made sure to also separate Leama from her brother, Leama and Tamer were also best friends not just brother and sister. They also started to fade after an incident that took place concerning Leama. Everything was changing to the worse, yet no one knew why, or what was happening. At some point, at the ending times of my ex husband and me, he would come over to hang out with us, the strangest things would happen, Tracy would start to flirt with him, playing hard to get, and it made no sense to me, since whenever he is about to come over, she tells me that she will rip him apart fro doing what he is doing to me. Then he walks in and boom a whole different person appears.

The landlord of the building we were in hated her so much, he started to spread rumours about her, and i would go and defend her with him every time i would hear something he is saying. Nothing was it is seems, everything was weird, and i could not for the life of me figure out what it was.

Every few months we would discuss leaving Abu Dhabi and moving to Dubai. One month is would be me, wanting to leave, the other month it would be her wanting to leave. By June, she was dying to leave and could not take Abu Dhabi any more. With intense convincing from her end, begging us to leave, telling me she will never leave without me by her side, that she cant live with anyone else other than me, and Dubai will mean nothing to her without me. We decide to go look at apartments in Dubai, me getting a strange gut feeling that if i move, i don’t want to move with her. Naturally i ignored it totally. At last we found an apartment, she was beyond excited, i didn’t like it that much, but i was actually glad to be moving out of Abu Dhabi with all its bad memories. I had finally left my ex husband and that was a great enough reason to leave and never turn back.

We went, and thought nothing of what happened. I naturally left early, usually after i am done with all the pent up dancing i have inside me, i leave, not that big on just partying all night long. At the mean time, before leaving Abu Dhabi for Dubai, me and the Greek guy started dating long distance after i left my ex husband. We were e-mailing and having him there as a friend was very helpful in deciding what i really deserve in my life, how i deserve to be treated. So a trip was planned to go meet him in Athens, in the mean time Leama and Tracy liked the same guy. That guy liked Leama, yet we all assumed he might like Tracy since they were of the same religion. Guy didn’t approach Tracy much and put all his efforts with Leama. I really feel bad for Tracy, she really wanted to get married and settle down and was hoping that Guy was gonna be here man, this whole venture lasted 48 hours, she dreamt of her future with him, her name with his name, how their wedding will look like. Yes it was a bit nuts to go that far after meeting him only 1 time, but that was the way she was. To her great disappointment he wanted Leama. To all our surprise including Leama, she wanted him too. All ugliness broke loose, there was so much bad talk about Leama from Tracy that i started to see where she was coming from and i started to bad mouth her too. I turned more and more against Leama and actually became anger from her.

I left that weekend, with Tracy begin me for advice on what to do during the weekend. She didnt want to go down to Dubai to see her friends, and was very sad that i was leaving her for a few days to travel. So i told her to hang out with Tamer, since they are best friends. She told me she was not in the mood for him, and would rather be alone. I tried to make plans for her so she is not feeling lonely while i am not there.

On my return, Tracy was all upset at Leama, telling me that Leama ditched her for Guy, that they didnt go out of their way to see her and take her out with them on her first date. She said that they invited her once to the beach, and that Leama tried everything to ditch her brother Tamer from joining them to the beach so she can spend good time with Guy. She started talking ugly about Leama attitude saying that she is so horrible to her poor brother that wanted to spend time with them.  She said that Leama didnt even invite her to go with them for lunch the next day, knowing how lonely she was, she bumped into them at the mall as she sat eating alone, and cause Leama didn’t want to seem like a bad person called her when she saw her so that Guy does not thing that Leama is not a good freind. Tracy started to tell me that she thinks that Guy is controling Leama food cause he was pushing food in her face and making fun of her order, that Leama was in a bad relationship. I was so disappointed at Leama for her reaction. That drifted us apart more and more. So we again stopped talking and this time i kept my distance.

One blessed day, for some reason she called to chat, i was surprised, and i gave her a piece of my mind about her attitude towards her brother and Tracy. The shocking truth came floating out of her, telling me that she called me cause she is shocked at Tracy’s actions with her boyfriend Guy. Slowly the true story came out.

Leama was feeling like shit for leaving Tracy alone, so she called her several times to tell her to join her on her first date to the beach with Guy. Finally Tracy said yes and went. In the mean time, Tracy called Tamer to join them and he didnt answer the phone. Tracy came all dolled up in her swim suit, hat, glasses and earnings, in seduction mode. She sat there flirting with Guy the whole time, agreeing with everything he said and all his perspective of life. When Leama told them that her brother was gonna come, that Guy needs to leave, Tracy got all wide eyed, worried that her chance at a good flirt with her future husband would go to hell. She told Leama to call Tamer and lie and tell him they were leaving the beach, it was too late for him to come. Leama, not understanding, agreed and sent him a text saying that.

The next day, Leama called Tracy to ask her to come to have lunch with them at the mall, when Tracy told her that she was already there. As Leama and Guy walked towards her, Tracy gave a pout, as Leama asked her why she didn’t call to meet up for lunch. Tracy sat flirting with Guy the whole lunch period, with tips and full attention on him ignoring Leama totally, luckily Guy noticed and grab Leama hand to reassure her that he is not the least bit taken by her fake act.

To me this was shocking, i didn’t know who to believe? how could i know who was right? i sat with myself and though back to all the times Tracy had lied through her teeth and all the times Leama lied, in all honesty Leama was not known to lie to me ever.

Moving on with the story, i was having my doubts and my desire to move in with her anywhere else was starting to fizzle away, yet i was in a spell, a spell that i was sucked into through all her stories and fake smiles.

We decided to move to Dubai, oh what a decision, it was a tough call, i didn’t want to but i still wanted to, and she was so persistent that i felt sad and bad for her. So we packed our stuff and left Abu Dhabi for good, knowing that every morning we will be driving down to Abu Dhabi for work and returning to our home in Dubai.

To be continued….Shocking truth -the final chapter….all the truths


Shocking truth – Europe Trip

Continued from……..Shocking truth – deceit

On booking our trip to Europe i, unfortunately, could not travel on the same flight or day, i was gonna be a day late cause one of my closest friends in Cairo was getting married.

You must know that one of the main reasons for that vacation was for me to get away from my ex husband, we were dating again…yes…we were trying to make things work. I needed to figure things out, i needed to know if i could ever go back to what i was in, i was confused, as always when it came to him. I needed to leave, go see other things outside of him, he was reverting to his same old mean ways, things were getting ugly again. a decision needed to be made.

Before i continue let me add names to those specific individuals. 3rd Friend will be called, Tracy. House hosting friend will be called, Leama. Friend i have known forever will be called, Tina. My ex Husband will simply be called Ex.Husband.

I was missing out on a day with Tracy and Leama, so i had 9 days in total with them. I arrived, took a cab to the booked hotel and met up with them with warm hugs of joy. The room was horridly small, unlike the pictures shown to us by the travel agent, the hotel was dirty in a filthy way. We didnt care, we were happy to be on vacation together for the first time. We put on our skimpy summer clothes and went out into the great streets of Athens in search of a place to have lunch. The place was not as nice as expected, we had a different perception of what this place would look like, yet we still smiled and enjoyed the day. As we finished our lunch we decided to look for a beach to chill in and tan for a bit while we allow our eyes to venture on some hot men.

We were having a great time, laughing, joking, having a blast. We went back to the hotel room to change for a night out of clubbing and dancing. We dressed in our sexy outfits, put on our make-up took the little paper with the names of the night clubs in and left in a cab to a great club. Nothing like our home town places and the people were so fresh and dressed and easy going. We got flirted with by many a men, who would come stand with us to dance and talk. It felt great, different than our home-town, where men had a fear of approaching women for the sake of rejection, the only ones that have that ability are always the sleaziest of men.The night was a blast, yet naturally it had to end, we had to leave the club was closing. We hoped in a cab, all of us under the influence of alcohol, taking crazy pics in cab and laughing till our eyes couldn’t release tears any more.

Once in the hotel, we all fell on our beds, talking and laughing about the night events. Then the big thing happened, for some reason something was said that i could not in any way accept. Tracy was mentioning how the guys at the end of the night were sweet, they stuck around jumping and dancing with us and were a lot of fun. Leama cuts in and says ” They told me about great places for us to go to, cause they would know, they are cab drivers”. The grand shock to her highness Tracy, she sat up, shock all over her face, as though we caught the aids disease by talking to these men. She snapped, started to say stuff like ” they were cab drivers? what?!! HOW??!!!” she then really sits up, looking all shocked as though the club was only designated to millionaires. ” We were dancing with Cab drivers, me Tracy to be dancing with a cab driver. Leama, how could you not tell me, how could you not tell me we were dancing with cab drivers”. Something other than myself took over me, something just snapped inside of me, and i totally lost it. Everything i was holding inside for all those months, all the pent up anger and disappointment poured out of me like a volcano that has been ready to irrupt for months and at last it spewed out all its insides.

I started off by first asking calmly ” what is wrong with that?” holding myself back, hoping yet again i might hear something that holds some humanity in this person. Ofcourse, i should not expect the unexpected. All she had to say was ” they are cab drivers, its not my standards”. Yup, that just did it, it totally did it for me. I went into a rampage, saying that cab drivers are human and outside of our arab world they do still enjoy the same things in life that other people from other standards of living enjoy. That she had never left her country to be able to see that atleast those people are honest people, that she cant even compare her self to them cause she is the lowest of humanity cause she accepted on her self to do the lowest thing to a whole family for 8 years. I was on a role, i could not stop, everything inside came out.

Then in the midst of all this i remembered a statement once i heard her tell me and a group of friends regarding her language, as it turns out, she used to speak with a british accent, so at one of our first meetings, she was making fun of all our american accents saying that it was so arabic, that its obviouse we all never lived or went to the states. Surprisingly enough, i had lived in Canada for years and went to the states on a monthly basis to meet up with my friends. The other shocker was that three of the guys sitting with us in that outing were also residents of Canada and the States for over 7 years. So at some point we asked her how she has a british accent. To our utter shock (it is something we kept making fun of for months on end) she said that the reason her british accent is so great is cause…listen to this, not ever living in England, not ever going to a british school….oh no…the reason was that her sister in law was british….huh…really??!!!! could this be an answer? Could this be a more prominent reason as to why someone can speak British yet the people around the table that have lived in the states or went to American schools their whole lives, didn’t know how to speak American…i really should have taken that as a sign, yet naturally i truly never do.

That story started roaming in my mind as i was yelling and screaming, spewing out all the ugly things she was doing in her life, yet coming up with strange stories to explain her re-birth as a sophisticated human, above all else, the perfection of a female of morals and values, caring for her parents and loving her niece more than anything else in life (we will get to that later, the shocking truth). I could not stop swearing, mentioning all the hypocritical things that had been said. I kept repeating over and over again, that she was a mistress, and its time she comes to terms with that being her title. To my utter surprise, she kept repeating her same statement, that his wife should have left him, that she had more rights to him than her. This would just riyl me up all over again. I kept yelling “at least admit that what you did was shit”. I wanted nothing more than an admission, sorrow at hurting a whole family, regret at being in a situation like that, being the cause of a family breaking up, being the reason why his wife called her one day and begged her to leave him. Just some remorse, regret anything to validate my living with her.

I am sure you are wondering what Leama was doing throughout all this, well she was trying to calm us both down, she was talking to her telling her how shitty what she did was, and asking me to calm the hell down. At the end she noticed that there was nothing she could do, so she sat there curled up on the bed, watching the devastation taking place. Tracy packs up her suit case, and leaves the room, i run after her to stop her from leaving, worried that something will happen to her, telling her not to leave, yelling at her to tell her that she needs to at least understand that what she did was wrong. at the end she left, i even tried to hide her passport, i mean really, there was no one there for her but me and Leama. Leama looks at me and tells me “just let her leave”.

The next morning i wake up in a daze. I panic, i worry, a girl alone in a country she doesn’t know, i keep hoping she is ok, i jump at Leama and ask her to try calling her cause my phone keeps freezing on me and showing that her line is busy. We call and call, and nothing. Then surprisingly we get a call from Leama brother, who is great friends with her, he tells us that she is at airport and had been crying all night. We rush to the airport, as Leama is so uninterested in going ( i am sharing this with you for the later reasons to come). We reach there, lo and behold, the drama queen is sitting on a bench in the airport, crying and being so sweet to us.  I was surprised, but not so much, since i was coming to understand who this person is and the self pity games she plays. I was still coming to understand, i had still NOT understood, so a new chance was given to all of us.

After a whole talk, and sadness, we went back to the hotel room. Leama decided to have us talk openly about it to one another, and so we left to take a cup of coffee in the lobby and make amends. We spoke and spoke, i explained and explained and she repeated all what was said over and over again. Leama looks at her and asks ” Is there no remorse at all, no feelings at all that this could have been a wrong thing to do, like an awareness? nothing Tracy?. That is all that we need to know, to understand who we are dealing with”. Then, as though a light bulb clicked in Tracy’s eyes, she said that she does feel guilty about the whole thing, that she wishes she never told me, that i stayed in the dark, that she was young, only 27 when she left him. That he was treating her bad, that he promised to leave his wife, yet she would have never allowed him to leave his wife cause of her. She talking in circles, and i was in no mood to stay angry and shit all over my holiday. We made up with one another. The vacation continue, but we could not stay in that hotel any more, so we went to one of the Greek Islands, Mykonos.

We left to Mykonos and things started to change, randomly change, in a strange unknown way. Leama started to act stranger by the day and Tracy was sweeter than every. At the arrival into our new hotel, the owner was a hunk of a man, and for some reason we hit it off, flirting and talking. to this Tracy was extra friendly and sweet about it all. Strange that she would be that way after all what happened. Little did i know that a plan was brewing in her little sly head, a plan that she was doing everything in her power to accomplish.

To be Continued…………….Shocking truth – 3 (Back Home)

Shocking truth –1 deceit

I had just gotten out of a nightmare of a relationship…..something that you need intense therapy after with a whole lot of self motivating healing abilities. I was not used to ever living alone so the thought of moving into a new home on my own was intoxicating to the soul. I was staying at a friends home, the comforts was wonderful, safe and secure. Therefore anyone who came into that safety haven was considered safe to approach.

Sitting around the kitchen table with 3 other girls, one was my house host, the other a friend i have known my whole life and the third one being someone i met on my first arrival to this part of the world. The third girl was someone who had just gotten fired from her job and found another in Abu Dhabi. She had no home either to stay in and so naturally my two friends started telling us to live together. My instinct was not comfortable with the whole notion of it, even though third girl seemed real excited about it. The pressure was on, the convincing started, every few days we would meet and discuss our possibilities of our new accommodations. I went and asked around about her, i had a nagging feeling, which i always ignore and never learn not to. Everyone loved her, everyone said they don’t know her well enough but from the little they saw and know, she is a good person to live with. Decent, helpful, kind etc…all the things that never define anyone. My state of mind was horrible at the time, therefore i needed other peoples opinions to be able to take decisions, especially after taking one of the biggest decisions of my life a few weeks earlier (escaping from a relationship with the last hope of sanity left in me).

We found a great apartment, i mean it was beautiful, my dad had someone look for me for a decent place to live in, so while i was at work i got an phone call asking me to leave right this second to check out the apartment. Luckily i went, cause in a blink of an eye, i found myself signing the contract, calling 3rd friend telling her we have a home.

A few weeks into our move, the ceiling of the corridor had collapsed onto the floor and the whole pipe burst, our apartment and new things and items in boxes and my 2 laptops got drowned. We sat in this fiasco for months trying to get our insurance money from the building back and re-buying everything.

3rd Friend was a sweetheart, all attentive, kind and sweet. The thing i never really paid attention to was the fact that she used to bad mouth everyone we knew and all her closest of friends. I paid no attention to the signs, to me, i thought, she would never ever bad mouth me like that and be sweet to my face.

I felt that i was with the perfect person to live with, i mean nothing could have been worse than the previous person i was living with (my ex husband). We did everything together, she was like obsessed with us doing everything together. Walking on the Cornish for exercise, meeting our friends together, having Christmas parties at home, coffees, dinners, movies at home. It was great and easy with effort to please the other. She was great at telling stories and they were amazingly interesting when they were told (least expected was to know that i was lied to the whole time).

We shared all the stories of our boyfriends with one another, who was worth it and who was not. 3rd friend had one specific ex boyfriend whom was someone of a great love for 8 years of her life, someone that there was great passion and love. This person was someone who showed her the world, took her to places and wanted to buy her a home for her to use. I was so in love with the story, yet so sad that they never ended up together for religious purposes. She left him cause he started to spend too much time with his guy friends. She broke up with him cause he was going out without her and he started to act all male prick on her. I heard this story for months, i mean she is a talker, so she would sit there talk away all day as i listened to her tales of love and loss.

In time, we kept getting closer and closer, when her friends from her Dubai would call, she would crunch her nose in disgust not wanting to talk to them, then she would pick up the phone and be the nicest sweetest person on earth. I remember one day a friend of hers was having friend issues and needed to spend her birthday with someone, so 3rd friend offered her to come to Abu Dhabi to spend it with us. I was so happy, i love a full home, yet as the days approached closer for that friend to come, her attitude changed totally. She was dreading her coming, she was hoping she doesnt, and started to make fun of how she just over takes her computer and is too full of herself. I was surprised but i let it go, i mean friends do have issues and we all complain about our friends. The only difference was that most people clear up the air with those friends, not pretend to be their best friends while talking so badly about them.

I ignored all the signs, i knew too much dirt about all her supposed bestfreinds, i did nothing about it cause this was a strange situation to be in and who am i to judge them without seeing all that crap for myself. Although deep down inside i started to not want to see them whenever they came down, cause supposedly they are horrible people.

Going back to her love story with the man she dumped cause he was paying too much attention to his male friends after 8 years. As we sat across the couch discussing it yet again, words flew out of her mouth that i could not even digest.

She continued the same story with more information, and some information which i wish i had never heard. She says to me ” he stopped making me fly business class and started to put me in economy like he does with his kids” ……WHAT….KIDS????????? to this i didnt understand….so i asked…. “what kids? like if he had kids?” and i hear the words come out of her mouth ” no HIS kids”…..what??? all those months and never a mention of them. I think about it, decide to ask another question… “so how long has he been divorced for?”

To my utter shock and disappointment she tells me that he is a married man. OH MY GOD my heart was sinking, deep into my soul. who was i living with? how could i possibly accept to live with an ex mistress???? Why was i never told this, i would have never chosen to live with her.

I confronted her with my shock and disappointment in her as a person, i told her that all her women talk of faithfulness was crap, just another way she manipulates her image to others. I begged to hear her tell me she left him cause he was married, all i got from her was ” no, he became too interested in other things in life” there wasnt an ounce of remorse that he was a married man, and that it lasted a whole EIGHT years.

This went on for days, this battle went on for days. Yet with every encounter about this conversation she still persisted that his wife was the one in the way and she had more rights to him than her. As time went on, her story changed, she worried about her reputation, obviously it was something not many new about, and her imagine of a rich proper girl with morals and values would be smashed, all her efforts to belong to a respectable category of people would go to hell. She played it down, started to say that he was gonna leave his wife anyway. There was no concern that she is the cause to break up a family, regardless what their situation was. With an immense effort to still understand i said “Only other women do this, not a friend of mine, and definitely NOT someone i live with”. There was still no remorse. The funny thing is that i started to doubt myself, doubt my values, feeling that i am outdated, and the norm of the world is for everyone to be cheating on everyone.

I got explanations that made no sense. I could not accept the lie, i could not accept that i as not given the choice to live with someone like that. We said we will ignore it and move away from it, as if i was never told. I tried my best, but her good image was gone, nothing she said or stated of morals and values meant anything any more. I started to pay attention to all the horrible things she would say about her utmost best friends. I payed attention to how when they come over to our house she would be the most loving creator to them, and the second they would go use her bathroom or roam around the house away from ear shot she would bad mouth the most ridiculous things about them. The bad mouthing ventured into the common friends we had, the friend who was hosting me, and the friend i knew forever.

Then one day we decided to travel together for the first time, we were working out all the above mentioned subject to move ahead with our friendship, and ignore the past. As i am sure you can tell, that was one of the hardest things to do since i started to see through the mask 3rd friend was wearing.

We decided to travel to Europe together, a 10 day trip. Me, 3rd friend and housing friend, she had planned to hide it from her adoring friends, as not to have them invite themselves on this trip, shockingly i some how ignored that assuming there has to be some good intentions somewhere in 3rd friend. No one can be that deceitful as a person, my mind would not allow my inner self to believe it.

To be continued………… Shocking truth – 2 Europe trip

Shocking Truth – Final chapter….all the truths

Continued from…Shocking Truth 3 – (Back Home)

Now the fun begins, where all the puzzle fits together, everything slowly starts to unravel.

In Dubai, we furnished our house in 48 hours, loving every minute of it, my major problem was that sunlight didn’t enter the house, it was always shaded from the sun, so i was never able to feel the warmth and freshness of the outdoors. At the same time me and the Greek guy started to officially date after my trip to see him, so we were chatting on skype for no less than 4 hours a day. The good thing about that was having it a  long distance relationship, since i didn’t have to interact with him or any man on a day-to-day basis, and it if felt like i was in high school again, innocent and simple. So i was very busy with that, while not paying much attention to what was happening around me in my new home. Her friends came and went, and they were lovely, i started to like them, yet for some strange reason every time i would say something nice about one of them, Tracy would find a way to say something negative in her sweet,  non noticable way.

A month passed by, and every time she would go out with her friends she would insiste i go with her, she would leave where she is sitting if i decide  to leave just to be with me. Everything was interesting, but i paid no attention to it all. One day we were all out together, when we met another one of her friends who was dating a married man in secret, yet they used to hang out with her group often enough to know that they were dating and not just supposed friends. I remember so clearly, her walking like a peacock, all proud of her perfect image, condemning her friend from a distance, saying to me and all present group what a horrid person that girl was, and how could anyone date a married man. She just would not stop, as i lost the ability to breath. Everything alerted me to start paying attention again, especially that me and Leama were hardly talking anymore.

I was invited to one of her friends sisters weddings in Lebanon, but could not make it cause i had other travel plans that coincided with the wedding. Her friends were so nice, they got me a wedding invitation, and really persisted on me going with them. I had deep talks with at least 3 of them, and they shared a few of their secrets with me, and i felt closer to them in a way. When i would go and tell Tracy that, she would start to act strange, and for some reason each one of these girls pulled away slowly, yet for no particular reason, like how me and Leama were. Int he mean time Tracy would do nothing without taking my opinion, what to wear (she would borrow my things, even if i had just bought them and never wore them, she would take them in her closet to wear, strange, when i would want to wear them out one evening, and i would tell her so, she would go and wear it herself?!) things were confusing as hell, yet she was the sweetest ever to me in every possible way.

On her return from Lebanon, she was ecstatic, she met a guy there, her future husband (as she would love to say) and i was beyond happy for her, she was dying to meet someone to marry for so long, that i was hoping it would bring her peace and happiness. As it turns out, that next weekend we had planned to have a house-warming party, and he was gonna come to it.

The life changing party……we had a blast, i invited everyone i knew and so did she. He arrived to our house early to see her and help set up the place with us, he was a lovely young man, very smart, artistic and easy-going. She kept persisting that me and him have art in common to get us talking, and we did start to talk, but with her included. Once the party was done, and a success, everything changed the very next day. She had an attitude problem, she was very protective over her man as though i would steal him (as if i was anything like her in that department). I avoided talking to him, since i didn’t want to build any insecurities between us. She made sure i never knew about her outings with her friends, especially if her guy was in town, i would find out by accident through a story he was telling that would be completely different from what she had told me. She would ask me for all sorts of advice and i would spend so much time giving it to, how to deal with him, if he really liked her or liked her friends more, if he only settled for her cause they were of same religion or cause he was really attracted to her,what to wear (her most important thing in life) what to say, how to have time alone with him without her friends being around and monopolizing their time, how to act around him…etc……i mean everything, she would tell me things that her girlfriends wouldn’t know (or that is what she told me) cause they wouldn’t understand. Yet in parallel to all that, she was lying to me about things that she would be doing, making sure not to tell me, or to tell me something different. I remember a time on one of his visits, her friends wanted to come over and bring dinner with them so they can all hang out with him in our house, i didn’t know what was really happening cause as i mentioned earlier she never disclosed things about her outings to me anymore. Her phone rang, and she looked so mad, she asked me to follow her to the kitchen, and she started to bitch about her friends having no control or right way of thinking, that she told them she was going out to dinner with her boyfriend yet they still want to come over with dinner. How inconsiderate they were, and what should she do? how could she handle it?. I was a bit shocked, cause she would always come to me for panic advice, and then be bitchy to me later on. So i told her to simply tell them that she has plans, of course, Tracy would never do that, in fear that she might be looked at badly. So the phone call was all laughs and jokes and excitement to have them come over, sadly little did they know (the same situation i was in for a year) that she really didn’t want them around.

After Leama incident with Tracy and Guy, Leama decided that she wanted to get back to our friendship, something was not right for her with Tracy, and she couldnt pin point what it was. We started to talk again, that is when all the truths came out. Tracy was too busy doing whatever it is she was doing to notice that me and Leama were back in good terms and talking on a daily basis. So one day, i met Leama for lunch on my lunch break in Abu Dhabi…….and this is what when we both got to know what was really happening.

Tracy was telling Leama (ever since Greece) that i was jealous of her and Leama, that i had a jealousy issue when it came to both their hands, that my hands movement are fake, and i would love to be able to move my hands the way her and Leama moved their hands. I could not stop laughing when i heard that…i mean really….is she joking, she could not think of anything else to say????? She said that in Greece to show Leama that she was right about me having an evil eye, she will show her a little trick. She told her that once i get to the hotel pool, she will tell me something great about Leama and then Leama will have something bad happened to her, cause of my evil eye. It just so happened that as i did walk out, Tracy praised Leama body, i took a quick look at it, and praised it too…then leama bumps her leg on the Chez lounge on the pool. I had no idea at the time that this was going on. So Tracy looks at Leama with a wink and tells her see, how evil her eye is.

As it turned out, the whole story i mentioned earlier in (shocking Truth 3 back home) was a lie to both me and Leama. Tamer never had a business dinner to go to at all, she was going partying with him, and Tracy told Leama that she didnt want me around cause she didnt want me and Tamer to get close as friends (i mean she said it so blatantly to Leama, that she didnt want us to have any friendship at all) so she pretended to have a dinner, that Leama should go hang out with me n the house that day, until she gets a call from Her to tell her to join them, and to tell me that she has to go home. What happened was that Tracy never called Leama and never returned her calls that day, Leama was in a horrible mood at the time. When she called her brother Tamer, he told her that he was expecting us to come and why are we late, they have been clubbing this whole time. Tracy, the sneaky person, was telling me things, and telling Leama other things. She didn’t want me or Leama there with her and her supposed best friend Tamer, and was trying to pull apart the brother and sister relationship too.

Tracy was telling Leama that she didn’t want me with her in Dubai, that she wanted to move without me and didnt know what to do about it, that i was stuck to her. While on the other hand i was being pursued on a daily basis to move with her, how she can’t live without me. She gave Leama the notion that she can’t live with me anymore and would throw her with bazaar reasons such as my jealous hand movement thing. Leama was slowly not feeling comfortable with all this, but she could not confirm anything cause we were not talking that much anymore, thanks to Tracy, actually a smart way to tell me horrible things about Leama to me, and horrible things about me to Leama knowing how to push us further apart. We shared a whole year worth of lies that were told to both of us, a whole year of betrayal, things i was told about Leama and things that were told to Leama about me.

It was not a surprise anymore, it all made sense, i should have put two and two together ages ago, but she was good, so good with her sweet ways and manipulation. It was no wonder i disliked her friends, she filled my head with slow poison towards them. She filled one of my closest friends with poison about me to her and her to me. I remember at some point, she started to tell me what a burden her niece was, and how she was sick of taking care of her, how she really wanted to be free of being her aunt, which shocked the living lights out of me, cause she would say the greatest things about her and her relationship with her to every person that came in touch with us. She would share heartbreaking stories of her sacrifices yet bitch her out when we were in private. I remember our discussions, we used to talk a lot (i mean she used to talk like verbal diarriah, i swear nothing would make her mouth shut) her opinion would totally change from her true belief in what she is saying and making identify who she is, to exactly what i was saying. One time, which blew my mind, and this was the day after me and Leama grand confession, we had discussed a few days earlier to that, how i love working with men, they are better than women to work with, how i cant just sit there doing nothing, and i love running around multi tasking. She was sharing how strange i am, how she LOVES to work with women, how she hates to multi task, she loves to go into the office, drink her coffee, chat with the women about make up, clothes and men, then work for a bit and go home, how her job is robbing her of that cause it’s too much work. ANyway, the day after the grand confession, her friends came over for a bit before their outing, and for some reason (i guess she forgot i was there) she started to express how much she loves working with men, loves to multi task and run around….everything i said, everything i was. As it so happened, Tracy would sit and take all my advice and share it as her own amongst her friends. It was all crazy, everything came into clarity, everything started to make sense. She used to put incense all over the house and over me, and tell me that she has a special thing with God to remove evil in a house, i really felt no difference, i was still very afraid in that house. I did my incense one day as i was about to go to her room to bless it with Quran, she asked me not to do it in her room. Which was weird since she was a preacher of her grand openness to other religions, and how she finds power in all religions. I mean, i had no issues with her doing it in my room, i had stupid trust. At some point she started to make her friends believe that she was good at removing evil spirits from homes with her incense, i laughed at that, and just watched her work her ways with others.

A week after i found out about all she has been doing, i went and told her that i am moving out, not wanting to live with her anymore. I told her i had been looking for apartments for a week now and i found a few, so by the end of the month i would be out. Of course she did not accept it, and kept asking why, i told her with all my honesty that she has been speaking crap about me this whole time yet acting like a freaking angle around me. She denied it all, and called Leama a crazy person who sees things (now…hmmmm…i didnt say see, i said i was told, therefore i ws using my hearing ability not my sight ability). Then i told her that i believe Leama over her, cause from my experience, she had bad mouthed all her friends since i met her (till i started to dislike them), so it’s not a surprise that she is doing the same with me. She denied it again. I then started listening to her all the things she said about her friends, one was a whore who slept with too many men she ws disgusting and would be an unfit mother, since she had a feeling that she might have dated her brother (the niece she loves dad)…the other friend was a self centered person, who only thinks of herself and a drama queen, and she understands why the rest of the group hates hanging around her, another one takes so long getting dressed that its become a burden, no one likes her anymore and no one can stand her (yet she got her a great job at her office after ripping her apart in front of me on a daily basis)….she made me stop there…..she begged me to stop…and told me yes about moving houses. She asked that i give her 3 months to find another place, how she loved living with me, and after me she will never live a another person again except her future husband. She wanted to keep the apartment incase her boyfriend comes into town or decides to move to Dubai, then they can have a place together. I guess that plan fell apart cause he refused it when she told him about it.

I agreed to wait 3 months although i could not wait to get out of there. I spent most of my days at my sister’s house to avoid seeing her, and kept looking for other apartments to move into. She wanted me to wait cause her boyfriend was coming into town and she didn’t want him to know what was happening. We made a deal, as per her request, to keep this in the low, to say that i needed to leave her cause my dad comes to town to visit and i need an extra room for him. She started getting afraid that her friends would hear what i have to say about them. She walked up to me 3 days later, told me she loves me with all her heart, she forced herself to hug me, asked me to have a great evening, and repeated her love to me. Really weird.

Two week into it, me and Leama met again, but this time, there were more things that she had said about me, more dirt that made no sense, and a lot more stories that were nothing but lies. I drove back to Dubai, rushed into the house, found her sitting ont he couch all sad and drama queen like (for attention as always) and i forced my words into her with all my might. I told her that a friend like her could not be trusted, that all this bad stuff that keeps happening to her is God way of getting back at her for all the evil she has within, that i am leaving the apartment ASAP. I slammed my room door shut, shaking with anger, and disgust for who i was living with.

I walked out, i walked out and things in my life started to look better, feel better, she was like this thorn in my side, an evil person who lied about everything possible. I was free, i was free of her, i was free of my Ex husband, i was free of that crazy world that i was trapped in for 2 years.

So a word to the wise, watch out for those over extra sweet people, make sure you have a roommate you have known for at least 3 years. Find out their true background, is it like yours or not? You never know who you will end up living with, i would hate for anyone to go through what i had to go through. Before i knew all this, she was actually a very nice person to live with, untile her true self could not be held in no more, especially that i was living with her. Take care, and dont trust anyone blindly, people have to prove themselves to you first.