Does he like me?

There have been many occasions in my life where i had been oblivious to the fact that there was some guy really interested in me. I have only been taught through the movies and music that when a man is interested they pursue a female by constantly being around and pushy. As it so happens i have learnt on several shocking encounters that a man pursuing a female may come in many different shades and colours outside of the specific order in which my mind was convinced it should be presented in.

On some occasions the guy would say nothing, and this could go on for years, me assuming them just friends, some times talking to me, other times not putting in that much effort to talk, so the pattern never fell directly into the rhythm i was used to. Others would put in crazy effort for the first few days and then pull back drastically only to be fully aware of my presence if we were to bump into one anther at some party. Strangely there were others who ignored me completely and would make sure to avoid contact with me, and if there just so happened that i needed to ask that person a question they would retort back rudely and walk off, leaving me there feeling offended and hurt. And there are those who you see every few weeks, have a great chat, exchange numbers and occasionally hear from them.

What i came to learn later on in life, and through the voicing of those men’s feelings, that there is no specific pattern that a man follows if he likes you. Years or months later i find out in the most bizzarest of ways that one of the many strange incidents was because the guy liked me or still likes me and decided to confess to me his ailment  in the most unexpected of ways. In always being the type of girl that ends up dating the great pursuers i have finally realized that the adamant pursuit is nothing more than a male ego that needs to feel empowered with the challenge of getting the girl, having nothing worthy to offer later on. As for the men who pace themselves and love you from a distance, watching you and making sure that they are not pushing you away, well, they are the ones to actually pay attention to and give a bit of your time to.

Again i am trying to find a pattern because i need to always know things before hand, i need to be able to calculate and follow a pattern to be able to make better understanding of my situation. Sadly, yet in a freeing way, there is no pattern or a certain way to know who likes you and who has no interest in you, as far as i am concerned the men i thought are not interested in me turned out to be interested but never pursued it the way i expected to be pursued.

I must admit though, the pursuit is thrilling and to be pursued is nothing more than foreplay to the inevitable acceptance of going out on that first date.

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