Farm or City?

Our life experiences are based on our way of life. What we say and do come back to us in one way or another. If we believe in ourselves then everything we do is right, there is no fear, there is no worry, there is only self confidence in the choices we make. To hear your own voice is all that matters for no one else lives your life or has your wisdom.

Living on a farm or living in a city have a great distinction between them and show a slight resemblance of a congested mind and an intuitive mind. In a city there is noise pollution that scatters your thoughts and allows for nothing other than everyone else’s voice to overpower your own caring voice. In a city you are rushing from one place to the next getting your job done, errands run, obligations met and in all this people are chattering away giving advice where it is not needed, assuming they know best, and therefore diluting your own trust within yourself. Time becomes something you try to find yet discover that it’s meaning has been lost to you. What is expected of you has stopped you from doing what is expected from yourself to you. You glimpse a sight of what you want your life to look like and you feel that you can breath again. Yet a second later  a whirlwind of clatter over powers that desire and it is lost amongst the bustle and noise emanating from those around you who ridicule your thoughts and the sight of your own breath of fresh air.

In the Farm you are free to hear yourself contemplate and understand what is good or bad for you. There are only animals around that say nothing more than offer their love to you for the simple act of feeding them and caring for them. In return you are left to listen to your mind as it ventures into a world of its own where the decisions are based on your own internal voice that you have come to believe in and trust. You move with your instincts towards your fields of green in knowledge of when to water them and when to walk away. You hear the sound of your breathing and the whispers of the butterflies as they pass you by. In an ability to sit and think you realize what your dreams are and grow strong in your beliefs, for there is no one there who can contaminate those desires and the conviction of your thoughts.

I long to be a farm, where I am left to my own accord and rid myself of the fear of change or the fears that have been bestowed upon me by those who love me the most.


Morning Jog

The alarm clock goes off as I lay there in my unconscious wake, I am about to press the snooze button when I remember that I have no time for that. There is no time to revert back to old habits that have not worked for me, that have always given me the same results. I have to maintain new changes to acquire a new outcome and maybe what I am about to start will not change that much in my life, but I believe it will be step one into allowing for new changes.

I throw the covers off me and stumble off towards the bathroom. Five minutes later I am already in my black shorts and my worn out white t-shirt. I walk towards the bed with socks and sneakers in hand. I place myself on the bed as I put on my socks and then shove my feet into the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned.

I am wide awake now and ready to take a new step into my new life, ready for a healthier life style and an earlier start to my every day.

It is 6:45am and I am standing inside my elevator stretching out my limbs, warming up my body for the upcoming strenuous walk. The elevator doors open as I step out into a florescent lit garage; a few steps later I am facing a large metal door that will lead me into the outside world. I push it open and glare into the strikingly bright sunlight making me squint my eyes to fend them from the first encounter with the fresh outdoors.

A smile over takes my whole body as my legs starts to move rapidly on the cobbled walkway. On my right are rows of coffee shops and on the left side an expanse of blue water that connects with the blue of the sky. As I start my rapid walking I feel like I belong to something, to a people that have chosen to do the same morning exercise. There are a few others, some jogging, some walking, some running but all are moving towards a healthier morning. It feels so good, it feels so right, I feel alive.

Needless to say, my mornings have become more meaningful and my energy level has risen to levels I had not had since the age of 25. I move around the office with more energy, my smile lasts longer than just the first two hours and I feel like I can do anything that I put my mind to.

A simple change has given me so much and I wonder what may happen when I start to incorporate other new things into my life. My mornings used to be sacred, they were made for sleep and the more snoozing I did the happier I got, if only I had known all along that to wake up half an hour earlier, to ignore the urge to snooze, to jump out of bed and immerse my energy in a morning jog, I would feel this much better. One new change gave me a new belief in myself, it incorporated a new fact; whatever I wanted to do in my life was possible I just had to actually do it to see and feel the new results.

Make a small change in your life, see the results and it will be easier to keep incorporating new things in your life on a daily basis. It is never too late and we are never too old to modify out life or who we are.