Note from Rain – New icon on menu bar

Dear readers,

I have added an extra icon to my menu bar that i wanted to bring your awareness to “Lovely Aphorisms”. It is a link to a wonderful site i came across and just HAD to link it to my website( of course after taking permission from the author) so you may all have the same experience i had when i read it.

As for the “Click It…” icon, i am in the process of working on my main website, so you will find that it will take you nowhere for now.

Wishing you an abundance of love and Light



Note from Rain- Your feedback.

Dearest Readers,

I am very interested to find out from you what you think of my story “The Spirit Coin”, i am planning on continuing it outside of the blog and i put it up as a trial to see what you all think of it.

I would greatly appreciate any comments or insights that you can help me with in regards to the story line and the writing method. Also interested to know if it is a gripping tale or not and what would or should be added or removed to make it gripping.

Great thanks and appreciate your upcoming efforts to advice me

In light and love, 


Rain Note-New icon

Dear All,

I have been getting feedback from a few people that are having a difficult time finding my stories in the order they should be in. Therefore i have made new icons, each containing the previous stories already written in full with their chapters order for easier accessibility. I hope this will be helpful to all.

As for the story of “Butterflies in Time” , i know i have been delayed in going into the next chapter as i have been out of town and the accessibility of the internet was hard to get hold of.

Kind wishes


A quick note – Working on the website

Dear All,

I am re-arranging my site, i had to re-post most of the things again on the home page. If you need to go to a certain category then i added a side bar showing the different categories that are in my blog.

I am hoping this will make moving around the site easier and more sufficient.

Kind regards

A quick Note

Dear Readers,

I have updated my book list with short passages from the books and the front cover. The list will keep expanding as i go through the books i have stored away in Cairo and Montreal. For now, i am using my memory and a few of the books i have in my Dubai home.

I wish you all a loving morning filled with on going blessings containing all your most desired wishes.