Maggy & George in Montreal

Year 2003/2004

” Café late please” I said as I stared wide-eyed on to the ‘menu board’ hung behind the counter. “sure…would you like some sugar with that?” the coffee man asked, “yes…..please” I replied as I gave off my best smile, whilst thinking of other things.  Something had caught my attention as I walked into coffee shop, a man and a woman talking so gracefully with one another.  I couldn’t stop but wonder if they have always been together or if they had just gotten to be with one another. The way they looked at the other was interestingly different, as though they shared a secret, something in which was never told to anyone but themselves.  As the coffee man handed me over my cafe late I thanked him graciously and walked back outside to where these 2 couples were seated and placed my self very gracefully on the table across from them.  I placed the coffee on to  the table, opened up my bag, got my pack of cigarettes out and placed them neatly next to the ashtray.  Now I was ready to ponder my thoughts, with the tender taste of the coffee at my finger tips.

I looked across to the table I masterfully placed my self next to. A desire to see them together for just one more time, just once to give me the fulfillment I needed to believe that such love really did exist. I noticed that they were seated with 2 other people, another couple, and the difference between the two was very noticeable, as a result of that coincidence, my couple stood out even more. Looking up I come to notice that the female member of MY couple stood up to leave the coffee shop. My heart sinks, the thought of them leaving gave me a sense of despair, incapable of thinking of what I should do next, dumbfounded I stare at them with no shame. To my great surprise, the female just walks off and the male stays, and as I stare to no avail I notice a glimmer in his eyes, and I follow his stare to notice that he is carefully eyeing the female, as though she were a new love, a woman like no other, the savior of his humanity. I shy away immediately, cause I no nothing of what Is going on, or understand this kind of emotion, yet I am swept away by the grandness of it all. I fumble deliriously with my cigarette pack as I try to get one out. “I just need a smoke” I thought to myself.  I sip my coffee slowly as I inhale a long deep breath of my life saving cigarette.

Thinking about it again and again, I wonder if I should go up and just tell them a couple of words, just anything to have the pleasure of interacting with these two magnificent creatures.  My phone rings and brings me back to the harsh reality that I live in, I am late, and I have to rush, I need to leave, and yet I wait and ponder what I will tell those great couple. Then a miracle happens, a complete and marvelous act of GOD (swt), the couple sitting with them get off the table, bid them farewell and just leave.  This was my chance, there was no other chance, I had to leave too, I had to get on my way, back to my life. And so I did the great leap. I placed my cigarettes in my bag, put the bag on my shoulder and headed towards them. “Hi….” I said shyly to the great couple, “I’m so sorry to interrupt, I really don’t mean to invade your privacy.  But I just wanted to tell you both that I think you guys are the perfect example of soul mates” I blurted out, worried that they would turn on me, ask me to leave, be rude, anything to make me feel like I am not worthy of entering into their world.  “Yes, we are” the female answered back, with a joyous smile on her face. “People always ask us that, and we always say yes. We think people need to feel like love is still real and that it does exist. ” she looks at me softly as she speaks those words to me, yet there is a sense of intelligence beyond my comprehension behind those words. I couldn’t help the next thing that came out of my mouth, staring at the two of them and looking at how the man was still smiling at his female, i perused my next statement “I love the way he looks at you, I love how he follows you with his eyes, he gives off a sense of utter love for you”. He looks at me with a knowing smile “I have been accused of that before”  he starts to laugh, and gives his female a tender touch of their hands.  I stare at them, with a plastered smile on my face, not knowing what to say or do.  And to my surprise, my next question popped up without my control “so … did you guys meet?” “what is your love story?” I was going mad to know, there was nothing more than when my whole body vibrates and my heart sings to me and tells me ……They are soulmates….alert alert……

In the mean time, i would recommend you to hear the same songs i was listening to at the time while also reading the books i was devouring and the movies i watched.


Amazing: the Mixes (the love of my life George Micheal, and therefor he has to be on this list cause i lived for his words)

This Love maroon 5
Evanescence-My Immortal, Bring me to life
If You’re Not the One


Middlesex: A Novel (Oprah’s Book Club)
The Virgin Suicides: A Novel
The Lovely Bones
Life of Pi: Deluxe Illustrated Edition

DVD – movies:

Kill Bill – Volume One ( this movie killed me with disgust)
Kill Bill – Volume Two (strangely enough i could not stop watching part 2 of it?!)
The Notebook (Limited Edition Gift Set) (I can’t even begin to explain how this movie moved me, let alone with Maggy and George story being told to me in real life)
13 Going on 30 (Fun & Flirty Edition) (Very light movie and lots of insights to it)
Love Actually (Full Screen Edition) (Now what a movie, so many love stories happening at the same time, i watched in on several occasions throughtout the years to take a deeper look at all the different events taking place.)
50 First Dates (Widescreen Special Edition) (Now this movie also came at the perfect time during the Maggy and George phase, it should how people have the ability to tolerate one another if they truly belong together and want to be with one another lovingly)

I think on the need to know basis, i am totally hooked on to movies, music and books….if not for those 3 things i would have not known what to do with my time and how to relate all those things as messages to my life.

To be continued…..part 2 Two People i met in Montreal


Maggy & George – Part 2 (Who are they?)

Before continuing into this part 2, you need and must know that this is a true story, something that really did happen. The reviving of my belief in soul mates. So here is part 2 of the story:

“So … did you guys meet?”  i questioned them with great enthusiasm “what is your love story?”

“27 years, and still going” she says, smiling shyly towards George

They hold hands while they rivert their eyes directly at me as they start to tell me their tale.

“I hired him to work for me, actually to work for the company I was working for at the time” she explains with a sheepish smile.

“yes…I was working for her” he confirmed her starting sentence of  their first encounter with each another.

“I am a graphic designer, and our company was looking for another company to work with, actually to handle our accounts. So I hired him.”  She said as she gently patted his hand in recognition of his efforts at work. Maggy then explained that George was part owner of his company and therefore they never met in person. She worked on a great amount of accounts creating designs for clients to advertise; therefore she never had a reason to meet him since she dealt with the design and not the finance part. His name was mentioned at all times of the day at her job and with clients, referring to George as a great man, yet a harsh strong man that does not joke around. His reputation exceeded him one that made sure everyone wanted to maintain staying on his good side.

Maggy used to always swear under her breath when an account would go sour, or there was a problem with the finance company they were working with, and the one name she kept hearing and swearing at was George. It was all George said this George did this, George said no to this.

As of George, he also heard Maggy name mentioned on many occasions, allowing him also to wonder who this person was and why did she hold a reputation of being ‘ one touch lady to handle’.  Maggy was beautiful, smart and extremely independent for her time. She had left her family in Switzerland at the age of 27 (which was unheard of) and ventured on her own to go and make a life in Montreal. She was not willing to meet a “husband” and get married, as the pressures of her family was getting to intense for her liking. She had a large family, and the only one who was not married, actually the only one refusing all proposals of marriage, feeling that there was more out there for her. She was very business minded and independent for her own good. Men wanted to tie her down, get her off her high horse and have her at home with jobless (as life still is today). To this thought she could not conform, therefore she left her family and fled to Canada.

Her reputation at work was solid, she was not to be messed around with, and men knew that she does not mix work and pleasure at the same time. She was extremely intelligent  and skilled at her job, in the company she got most of the clients asking for her work. Within all this she didn’t deprive herself sexually either. She knew her desires as a woman and fulfilled them as needed. She had boyfriends that lasted no more than a few weeks, then she would move on to the next guy, or take a break and focus only on her job.

Maggy loved the world of the unknown with the human psychology, so a lot of her time was spent sitting down in the late hours of the night reading about it. She would try to meditate while experimenting with different forces of energy fields. Her interest kept growing, yet there was no one she could to talk about it, there were no friends.

To be continued…….

Maggy & George part 3 (First meeting)

A year later, while both individuals pursued their life paths separately, while still hearing an abundance of things about one another through different sources. Each was sure that the other was the biggest snob and showoff. A tender dislike towards one another was brewing between them. One day a problem arose at work, involving the both of them. They needed to meet, they needed to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Maggy says with her gentle voice “I was so worried in meeting George, he was known to be the devil himself and a cruel man. Also he held the reputation of a very sexy man who never dated any women cause women were below him” She looks at him with disbelief and pride, she continues “ I wanted to break him, make him see me as an equal, so all my guards were up as I walked into the meeting room, were he sat waiting for me”

George broadens his smile, takes a look at her, then turns to look at me and says “ can you imagine what I was thinking and feeling that day??!!!!” widening his eyes at me in disbelief, he continues “ I heard horror stories about Maggy, she was an intense woman who hated men, she was harsh at her job, and one of the only ones who kept arguing anything I would say. If she had her guards were up, can you imagine what I was trying to put up to defend myself against a raging person?”

George elaborates “ I sat in the meeting room waiting for her to come in, all my papers perfectly placed and organized, I am a very organized person, I stare at the door, low and behold, a gorgeous woman walks in. All slick and proper, hair the color of gold, tied up in a loose bun with a little hat on top. She took my breath away.”

I look at him, waw, this is amazing what a love story, I am staring at her, seeing that she is beautiful today at the age of 61, she truly must have been a beauty at the age of 29. I am drooling now to know about their first kiss, yet too embarrassed to ask that question, not yet, not now, but knowing me, I will. I imagine him grabbing her and throwing her against a wall as he devours her with molested kisses. He breaks my thoughts with his next sentence.

To be continued………i have notes written down from that day and days that followed which i keep going back to while adding more of how it was like being there. So this is all already written since 2003/2004

Maggy & George part 4 (together)

“ She opened her mouth, said hello and bang…the lady could not stop her venom coming out of her mouth. She went on like a solider in the army accusing me of the problems at work being my fault for all my previous incompetence and decisions I had taken” I am shocked, damn, NOOOOOOO, there goes my first kiss opportunity and my fantasies down the drain.

I sit back and relax again on the chair. Oh well…hmmm….Maggy takes over after seeing my disappointment.

She says gleefully, “there is a lot more to come honey, just be patient. “ she bends forward towards me, puts her arms on the table separating us and leans her elegant face on her hands and whispers “I felt the exact same way” louder now and with a smile she sits back “ I walked in expecting to see something totally different than what I saw. I saw a tall man, with the perfect body frame and the straightest posture I have ever seen on a man. Dark black hair slicked back, wide Dark eyes with a suit that would be a shame for any other man to wear” she looks up dreamily to show me just how perfect he looked, as for me, I had no doubt that this 75 year old man was that handsome. George still had an extremely straight posture, still dressed beautifully and his hair was still slicked back (all white now). He didn’t look 75 at all and I can only imagine what a hunk he must have been in his early forties. Just for your knowledge they are 14 years age difference between them.

Maggy tells me how she nearly fainted with heart palpitations when she first laid eyes on him. But all she could think of was what a womanizing pig he was, how his reputation was the worst and the harshest. She contained herself by attacking him at first sight, allowing his true nature to come out, for reasons she held deep inside. Maggy too lost interest the minute he argued back, all calmly, standing up from his seat to provide her with a dominating stand since he was taller than her.

It was that day, that very day in which they would have to meet every few weeks to discuss work matters and would be on the phone in one another’s way, disturbing the peace. This went on for more than half a year, the same attitude the same dislike of one another, the same arguments. Until one day, as Maggy was busying herself with her books at night trying to find ways to upgrade her knowledge, she received a phone call. A friend through a work friend called to ask if she was interested to attend a book club. A book club about human psychology and the other realm the super natural powers of humans. She jumped on the opportunity and went.

She walked into a large meeting room, with over 9 people in it, she had no idea so many people were interested in what she had been interested in for years. She was welcomed by all, and asked to sit down between a man and a woman. They spoke to her and enjoyed their conversation, until the door opened, and there came in the person who would be leading this group, the one at the head of the table. George walked in, all smiles and confidence, saying his hellos to everyone when his eyes came across Maggy, and he froze. What the hell is she doing here he thought, as were her thoughts too. As she was about to get up, she realized that he was the leader of this book club, she sat down to hear what was to be said. Naturally she was the only one fighting him throughout the whole meeting, arguing her point, making her point. She challenged him and he liked that, he didn’t feel that anyone else ever could, but she was smart and knew her stuff and didn’t just contend with what was given to her. They became friends after a few of those meetings and she started to sit on his right side on the meeting table. They would meet for coffee and discuss all issues of the upcoming meeting. They went and met people that had telepathic abilities, people that knew the ropes of mind manipulation, others who had insights to unforeseen events. From work life, to their own world they grew together and their group grew. With all this, they had disclosed their personal life to one another.

As it was, George was married before and had 2 kids, he was greatly hurt by his ex wife who cheated on him, and vowed never to love or marry again. As for Maggy she was never able to find a man who matched her equally and vowed never to marry and become a mans slave. They stayed friends, growing together working together.

‘ Three years later he asked to see me. I was worried that there was something wrong in the company. “ she added “I was worried that we might have been behind on something at work, and so I started preparing all the papers that had to be done” she goes quiet for a split second “ He came in and told me that he had feeling for me, he liked me”

“yes….hahah….” he confirms looking at her with eyes of a person who floated back in time.

“I asked him, so what do you want me to do about that?”

“Nothing, just know that I do and that is all I want, I just wanted you to know that”

I was completely and utterly over men, I was sick of them, and not ready to deal with anyone, you can imagine how that felt, she told me in a questioning manner.  He looks at me and also mentions how he was sick of women too and had no desire to be with anyone any more. “but there was something about her, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her, and all I wanted to do was tell her how I felt, it didn’t really matter what she did about it”

She takes a deep look at me and relays that “I never thought of him that way, he wasn’t my type, or my style of a man, and so I made nothing of what he said, we continued working together.” She was interested in fun guys, ones that let their hair down, blonds.

As the months passed, I started to look at him differently, it’s as though his confession about his feelings gave new meaning to who he truly is.

Then one day, three months later, we go out for coffee and I look at him, knowing that I want him in my life. “I knew what she was about to say” he explains “I knew that I didn’t have to say much for him to know what I wanted to say”. Yes, was all I said, and it was at that very moment we started dating. “The thing is, I was so busy changing myself and doing so much self development, that was all that really mattered.  I kept attracting the wrong type of men into my life and so that was something that I just could not deal with anymore. I was upset from all the disappointments in my life” Maggy says to me in a very stern manner.

“That was one of the best decisions I had ever taken in my life” Maggy says. “He is my partner, my other half, the one person who gets me and lets me be me” she fondles with her fingers as she says that, and he turns around and says “there was no one else I would have ever committed to in my life other than Maggy, she fit me so well, we never argued, we had no time to argue, we were so busy having fun together”.

I kept staring at them…..waw..they are soul mates, and I can’t believe it’s this obvious and so clear. I had to ask, I had to know, they were both against marriage, so why did they do it, they could have just lived together.

George moves around in his chair, and bluntly says “ I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, I wanted to have that bond, for her to be mine and I knew better than to propose to her, she would have shot me down” she smiles, nods her head in agreement.

George said that he had to think of a way to make her say yes, but use logic to do it. He sat up nights thinking of how to do it, then one day over a dinner date, he told her that they need to get married for paper work reasons. He wanted to make sure that if anything ever happened to him that he has all works to prove that she is also part of his heritage with his kids. He said that there would be a lot of benefits from the government for them, that they could make a business together. She argued so much with him, not understanding the point of it, then she told him yes, she would also like to spend the rest of her life with him.

They agreed not to have children, they agreed to maintain their relationship as it is, they agreed to love one another regardless. I asked her how they maintained 27 years of a great relationship. She told me their secret was “We never expected anything from the other person. What is given to one another was always enough”

A few weeks after they got married, Maggy wanted to know if there was anything that she was doing that was getting under his skin, they made sure to be very honest for no build up towards one another. The only thing he told her was “ you are beautiful in all ways, and there is nothing you do that gets on my nerves, the only thing I wish you could do, is when you cut the bread, angle the knife a bit to the right, for that angled desire for a slice of bread” She stared at me, laughing, can you believe that was all he had to say, from that day till this very day, I have never heard anything but love and praise. When he asked me, I told him nothing at all, I could not be happier in my life.

Maggy and George, gave me a new understanding to relationships, it was not making things work out and working so hard to find a middle ground, it was finding your perfect fit. That is all it realy is, someone you enjoy spending time with, someone you actually have things in common, same values and wants in life…same goals. I saw them several times after that, and went over to thier quaint home to learn a bit about carl jung. I learnt a lot those days, found out that they held seminars to help people develope themeselves the best hey can. They were a great couple, it has been 4 years since i last spoke to them. Maybe when i go down to Montreal i will give them a call.